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    Posted August 13, 2014 by
    New York
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    In Memoriam

    One quick joke, a whole new perspective

    During my Broadway years, I worked with many celebrities and some remained in my life as good friends. Never starstruck and clear with the fact that we are all strong and fragile human beings on this planet with our joy and sorrow, I can easily report that the idea we have of them often is not even close with the accuracy of their life or very identity.
    Steven and I met Robin Williams at the premiere of a new found Tennesse Williams play called "Not about Nightngales'' produced by Vanessa Redgrave.
    When Steven and I - already on our isle seats on the last raw of the Circle In The Square theatre - learned that the play was going to run for 3 hours we quickly planned an 'escape' (we were tired from a full 8 show week schedule and we wanted our only evening off at home).
    We decided to discreetly leave as soon as the show started but than Christopher Reeve (on his chair) along his wife Dana, parked right next to us therefore making our escape plan impossible. Minutes into the show we knew we were absolutely glad that we stayed. The play so intense and well produced completely swallowed us.
    Intermission was mingling time, besides the friendly Reeves we also met several interesting people including Robin Williams. Shorter than I would have guessed what took my attention was his eyes, his smile and yes his very hairy arms too .
    He smelled good also. Steve absolutely loved the man from his Mork days, so to make my husband happy I made sure the two of them actually met.
    This is maybe 97 or 98 something like that. That night was when I actually stopped calling Steven 'my partner' and learned to call him what he actually was to me: my husband. Those were not the days of marriage equality and even domestic partnership was not always taken seriously here and there so that I chose that word for many was sort of a 'big deal' at the time.
    When I introduced Steven to Robin Williams as 'my partner', with a straight face and with a strong hand shake the famous man asked: "What kind of business you guys in?" A second or two later, without giving me the chance to answer the question, he smiled and added that he was just kidding, that he understood Steve was my husband. He was just being funny.
    From that day on however I never used the word partner again and only referred to Steven as 'my husband'. Only this morning learning this sad passing I sort of 'connect these dots' on my memory lane.
    Like all of us we will never forget Robin Williams' impact on pop culture and lives. I am humbled and honored that off a joke he so quickly delivered to us during those few special seconds we exchanged that night, I made an important personal adjustment. You all know how I always loved - and still do - calling Steven my husband instead of 'my partner'. Funny how up till now I completely forgot that it was Robin Williams who sort of gave me the 'ok' to call my man my husband.
    This morning, shocked by the news, at some point I remembered that night, that man, and my man happy to have met this special person.
    As I am sitting here thinking of that night, lucky and privileged to be able to share such story I also feel a sense of great loss and profound sadness... Maybe because as I write this I realize that now Steven, Christopher & Dana Reeves, and Robin Williams are all gone and it continues to be so hard to really fully comprehend that indeed at some point we all stop existing.
    What we do in this life indeed stays. The legacy moves us on. But for us that we stay we must make sense of it all.
    So everybody as we mourn this loss let us also not lose sight that life is indeed now and now is the time to live because life is not ours to keep.
    Depression is an animal I know and fight. Loneliness a pet I hate but feed and monitor. Let's be kinder and more compassionate. I know I sound naive to many but I mean what I am saying. Maybe this way we can detect depression around us, maybe we can be there when someone really need us there. I confess I have needed more than I have asked... and in 2008 I was close to exiting this planet... something only few actually know... but I wanted to exit ... and I still feel uncomfortable talking about... The darkness of depression is something I know and I pray it will never come trap me again. RIP Robin Williams. Thank you. Forever. I love you.
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