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    Posted August 13, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    In the Hospital - Again!


    Here it is Tuesday, August 12, 2014 shortly after 2 p.m.

    And where am I?

    Since around 3 p.m. Monday I have been back in Regional Hospital in Terre Haute. There was no choice.

    What  I know so far is that I have pneumonia in both my lower right lung,  which no longer functions, and my upper left lung. This is why the oral  antibiotics have been ineffectual. I am back on intravenous antibiotics.

    The  CT-scan I had a couple of weeks was unremarkable and mirrored earlier  CT-scans. The blood cultures were normal or at least indicated nothing  new. The sputum sample test was also negative or unremarkable.

    The  first IV put in Monday evening blew around 3 a.m. today. A second IV  has now been started moved from the right arm to the left arm. I am or  will be shortly on two different antiobiotics in addition to the  solumedrol, IV prednisone. Continuing with Xarelto and two or three  other new meds for specific use.

    A  chest x-ray last night revealed the pneumonia in each lung. Tomorrow  morning using a barium-base, a series of x-rays will be done on my  throat. There is a possibility the difficulty in swallowing and getting  food stuck in my throat maybe more than just a swollen and very sore  throat due to the coughing and expelling the mucus build-up.

    Had  a visit from a pulmonary rehabilitation therapist. This was a first in  the two and a half years since my lung surgery. Been informed will be  seen daily while in the hospital and eligible under Medicare to 36  sessions at 3 per week once I am back home as an out-patient. The  program includes stationary bike riding, walking a treadmill etc to keep  my functioning lung strong and more resillient. There also classes on  COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and pharmacology as related  to COPD.

    None of this has been prescribed or offered before.


    The  hospital staff doctor, Dr. A. Singh, has been very informative and  checking in regularly. He is, it seems, being much more thorough. He  told me this morning that I will most likely be here for 3 to 4 days  longer.

    I  was given an option in the middle of the night of allowing a heart  monitor be placed or not. I chose to allow the monitor. I was told why  by Dr. Singh yesterday to rule out any heart irregularity in light that  the pneumonia (infection) has been going on for about six weeks now and  the recurring nature of the infection.

    The  fever has broken - finally! My last temp reading was slightly below my  normal of 96.3. The aide checked twice because it was 96.1. Had to tell  her it was correct and what my normal temp is.

    For now my focus is on getting better and nothing more.

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