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    Posted August 13, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    In the Hospital - Again! Day 3


    Wednesday,  August 13, 2014 and my 3rd day back in the hospital. Of course I knew  this was coming last week. It was no surprise Monday when my primary  care physician, Dr. Richard Butler, had me readmitted.

    My  attending physician, hospitalist Dr. A. Singh, was by to see me earlier  this afternoon. At that time he indicated it will most likely be Friday  before I would get to go home.

    I  must say I am getting more extensive and in depth care than on my  previous visits. It is amazing the difference with a change in doctors.

    Dr.  Singh is having me testing for histoplasmosis. As many of my faithful  readers may recall I have already been diagnosed with presumed ocular  histoplasmosis syndrome as the cause of the gradual loss of my vision.

    All  the syptoms, the timing, my former environment, seem to converge on  histoplasmosis at the root of my respiratory concerns. A simple Google  search will tell anyone more information on this fungal disease.

    My  temperature is back to normal. My blood pressure remains normal. My  heart rate remains within normal parameters. My blood oxygen is staying  above 95. My throat is still raw and sore. The mucus build-up has  slowed.

    As  to my throat, Dr. Singh is referring me to a Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)  specialist after I am released. My prolonged laryngitis may be due to  more than just the strain due to the coughing of late to expel the  mucus.

    Also  this morning I was administered a barium swallow. The swallow allows  the techs and doctor to view and monitor my ability to swallow and what  happens with the epiglottis which opens and closes when needed to keep  anything from aspirating into airway. This allows food and drink to go  to the stomach and not the lungs.

    That  test revealed my system is weakened to the point that some food, some  liquid is getting stuck in the throat around the epiglottis and on it.  Therefore, I am having to change the way I eat and drink. Straws are out  of the picture now.

    When  I eat or drink, I have to take small bites or small sips. Take a  breath, hold it and swallow while still holding. This forces the  epiglottis shut and less particles getting stuck or aspirating into the  lungs.

    Once  my strength has regained and I am recovered, I should be able to go  back to normal eating and drinking. For now, it is getting used to  holding my breath while doing one or the other, then swallowing.

    So for now, my ability is limited. Thankfully I have Iohn's laptop to stay connected to the world.

    Weight loss continues to be a problem. At the moment, however, I am holding my own though having dropped to 126 pounds.

    That's about it for this 3rd day in Regional Hospital yet again for another extended stay.

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