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    Posted August 13, 2014 by
    District of Columbia
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    In Memoriam

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    Instead of in Memoriam, (Robin Williams) I am addressing the question of why this happened!


    Robin Williams killed himself, hung with a belt and he supposedly slashed his wrists.
    It seems he really didn't want to be here any more.


    Looking at at Robin Williams now it's difficult to understand what drove him to do this, what point was he trying to make? That it doesn't matter how great your life is..... consuming chemical based artificial additives can cause this to happen. Nobody is immune and I don't know how to stress that to mean that absolutely no one can escape this stuff. You can be rich and famous and totally have life and the world going for you all the time and then just decide oh.... this is just too much and boom, it's over.


    This is the new American norm? That's where the insanity comes from, not from being insane but from accepting that this can happen and it's just okay and acceptable. This comes to light because someone famous killed themselves. But this happens every day across the entire country and it's still not normal. it is quite abnormal and yet it continues. psychiatrists think they can fix it with some pills and some magical ideas that it's going to work because these medications can fix these problems even if you continue to ea the foods and use the products that contains the deadly chemicals that cause this sort of abnormal behavior.


    When a man says to me "You've done more for psychiatry than all the medications ever produced" and it happens to be a man who has spent his life helping people with these sorts of problems. He can see exactly what I am saying and how it relates to everything that we see and read about all day long on the Facespace and Mybook, TV, Internet, smartphones, etc.


    It's because I understand what happens when people consume, use, or come into contact with chemicals such as petroleum based coal tar, formaldehyde, cyanide, lye and more.


    Some people try to argue with me saying that all these things can't possibly be caused by the chemical additives alone.


    Stop consuming and using everything that contains any additives and see what happens?!?!


    Nothing happens.... so why did I just do that..... That's when you find out why, You get away from everything and you don'have any and nothing happens, because you weren't eating the crap. Then you go back to it and it hits you like a ton of bricks. You've been eating/using these things so long that you don't realize that you've been suffering from an allergy that you don't know you have.


    That's how you learn to stay from everything that's bad.


    Another problem is that you don't know about it at all because you assume things have been done properly, tested and safe and all that.... except they don't tell you that the test subjects died, or had tumors, or a thousand skin tags from the deodorant they put on a bunny rabbit, rat or other mammal. Yeah we tested it, we didn't really like what the test results showed us, but we decided that you wont be effected or harmed by a few more skin tags, or something else that you wont notice until it's too late.


    Well, it's never too late, changing ones diet and lifestyle.... even at the end of ones life is a good thing because all the chemicals do is cause suffering. Of course the doctors who owns the stocks in the corporations who are poisoning everyone for profit have nothing to say about this and they have not said anything about it for the 100+ years that America has allowed the what is seemingly unregulated use of toxic chemical additives in everything we eat and use.


    The same thing happened to Heath Ledger and many more. it continues every day and nobody wants to say anything to make it stop.


    It would take our government to put into law that no chemical additives are allowed in any foods, products that are meant for human contact.


    Banning artificial additives from all foods is the first step. Banning all artificial colors from all pharmaceuticals and medical preparations is the second step.


    This is the only thing that will work and the only thing that will save us.


    Consuming any artificial color will likely mean you will have cancer at some point in your life. It's made from coal tar, you know like the stuff they use to pave our roads and parking lots. It's known to cause cancer, not that it maybe might could possibly cause cancer in some people. No that means it can and will cause cancer in possibly anyone and everyone who has ever consumed any of it at any point in their lives.


    Red dye #2 was banned in 1976.... I remember our dog died from a cancer that was caused by the red dye in her dog food.
    Being banned in 1976 s a good thing.... except for the fact that I probably had something with red dye in it maybe once or twice a day ever since I was born so that means that I consumed some of that red dye #2 in my hawaiian punch when I was a kid. I am guessing that I had that toxic poison for about 15 years and then until about 2005 when I decided that I should not being eating something that's making me sick, which was also a bother since I had been exposed to those dyes for my whole life and never knew that I had an allergy of any kind. I'm a human, I am allergic, because it's coal tar and my body is physically incompatible with petroleum based coal tar. You could perhaps liken this exposure over our entire lives to the exposure a water creature got in the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


    What the raw petroleum tar does rapidly to the sea creatures, or sea birds it does to us over our entire lives. Many of the physical problems we suffer from are related to the manifestation of long term exposure to undeclared allergens. It's what causes all the behavioral disorders as it manifests as problems with the brain and the brains ability to function turning into a dysfunction. Osteo and rheumatoid arthritis are both related to this allergy.
    I noticed when I have an allergic reaction I get a fever. If we eat stuff that we are allergic to and don't know it and we keep eating it, we keep having the symptoms. Not knowing it goes on and on and on.


    Constant fever which helps to displace the lubricating fluids in our joints, When you have a cold and a fever you're stiff and achy. When you have a constant fever you feel stiff and achy all the time and over time it becomes "the norm" as do all the symptoms of the allergy you don't know that you have.


    Make up is especially bad for women and more so for pregnant women because of the EDTA used in most things now. Soaps shampoos contact lens solution, eye liner, mascara, if you use it check the label and see if there isn't some form of EDTA, or sodium edetate in it. If there is.... get another brand, My wife found that Almay doesn't have it.


    This goes on every day and only one thing will stop it.


    Ban the additives! NOW!

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