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    Posted August 14, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    In the Hospital - Again! Day 4


    On  this the fourth day since I came back to the hospital, I am having some  mixed feelings this afternoon. Not about the care, but about the news  Dr. Singh provided today.

    The  sort of good news is that I most likely will be released from the  hospital tomorrow. The not so good news is that I won't be going  directly home. I will be going to Westminster Village, one of, if not  the best, nursing facilities in Terre Haute.

    I  am not sure how long I will be there. Medicare covers up to 20 days. I  doubt seriously that it will be anywhere near that long. The reason for  the move to Westminster is to continue intravenous antibiotics for a few  more days.

    Perhaps if I am transferred tomorrow, I may be allowed to go home by Monday or Tuesday.

    Remember that commercial about the guys on motorcycles and in other situations riding along, but suddenly having to stop to go?

    Well,  don't laugh, but I am now in that situation. Since my entry Monday,  starting that evening, I've been having a flow problem. So now, as of  this afternoon, I am on Floxmax.

    If it is not one thing, it is another.

    Still no word on whether I may be afflicted with histoplasmosis. That word may come as early as tomorrow.

    Following the barium swallow test conducted Wednesday, I am being followed up by speech therapy.

    Don't let the name fool you. It is not about being about to speak properly. At my age, that is not going to happen.

    The  speech therapist is working with me to regain strength to my throat and  assist in swallowing and keeping the food or drink from aspirating into  my lungs rather than sliding gracefully into my stomach. I am having to  hold my breath and swallow to keep the epiglottis shut and not allowing  food or drink down my windpipe.

    There  are even exercises to build strength in the back of my tongue. It is  expected that I will be following up with outpatient speech therapy for  awhile once released from the hospital.

    In  addition to the speech therapy of twice weekly there is also to be up  to 36 weeks of pulmonary rehabilitation. That will be twice a week for  an hour and involve such things as walking a treadmill and riding a  stationary bike to build strength in my functional lung.

    Have managed to gain back to 130 pounds. Not much, but I am gaining a little at a time.

    Once home I am to continue with soft foods and chopped up meat until my throat regains strength.

    The  care I am receiving is going far beyond what I have had to this point  in the last nearly three years. I still am amazed at why some of this  was not prescribed or recommended before.

    That's how my Thursday is going.

    How about yours?

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