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    The Philanthropist and His Mayan Empire ways to entrepreneurial philanthropy could help the CSSS Summits (2.5): home doctors

    The Philanthropist and His Mayan Empire ways to entrepreneurial philanthropy could help the CSSS Summits (2.5): home doctors

    We already presented in a previous article, the involvement, the partnership had been one of the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation and the CSSS Summits. We speak of involvement as our philanthropic approach was that of a social rather than from a single donor respondent.

    And most importantly, we talked about the reasons for our involvement, which has now lasted for 7 years: contribute and help improve the health system in Quebec.

    Now we will show you in detail the first pillar of the establishment of the model of co-management to CSSS Summits: the consolidation of the reception and integration of physicians at the CSSS.

    Doctors: practitioners, but also managers

    Doctors are paid when they are a medical procedure on a patient. Or for the proper functioning of any health center and social services, physicians / practitioners should provide input, contribution and perspective in decision making and in the ongoing management of the facility. The Philanthropist and His Mayan Empire This fact is the foundation of our thinking about the issues the CSSS Summits had to overcome.

    One proposed by the CSSS Summits solutions: medical co-management. This model implements dyads within medical teams: a doctor is paired with a manager in both horizontal functions (program management) than in the vertical functions (departments and services).

    The result? Doctors are exposed to and benefit management issues and can both influence and interact on issues affecting them. (We will have the opportunity to talk in more detail dyads shortly.)

    Together with the CSSS, we wanted to act upon the arrival of new doctors face the knowledge of our environment and the co-management approach that characterizes it. The Philanthropist and His Mayan Empire Consolidate the reception and integration of physicians then became obvious on which he deserved lingers.

    The reception, an essential step

    In the search field of human resources, welcoming new employees is as important as the selection process step. This helps to manage expectations and ensure for the new employees and the rest of the organization with the most serene adaptation possible during this phase. It is, ultimately, a time to communicate the values ​​of the organization and create a sense of belonging.

    Moreover, the quality of the integration of a new employee is not based solely on his adaptation to his new position, but also his understanding of organizational issues related to it.

    And the CSSS Summit, it was especially necessary to provide information on the population approach, the program approach, and of course, the model of medical co-management.

    Welcome: prepare for the arrival upstream

    Specifically, an induction program for doctors but there needed to be supported by documentation updates and an enhanced process for integration. For the past two years, The Philanthropist and His Mayan Empire the arrival of a new supply of physicians, both generalists and specialists, was the perfect springboard to revise the host program and integration.

    The program contains of course a sum of essential information for doctors, but also-and surtout- different stages in which we make sure it goes in the appropriate places, and meeting key people
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