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    Posted August 14, 2014 by
    Yucca Valley, California
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    Travel snapshots: Best bird-watching

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    It's been quite a journey with the House Hunting Flycatcher Couple choosing our little bird condo. Then the nest building began with both working very hard. The visits to the condo became longer & more frequent, so we were sure we must have babies on the way. I don't remember just how long it was but the "Flying Bug Buffet" began. The parents (mostly the Mom we think), started feeding from dawn to dusk. The Dad would stand guard nearby & shoo away any other birds he thought got too close. She would bring a big flying bug of some sort & go completely inside the condo & stay for a bit. As time went on, we noticed that she would just come to the door & hand the food to the babies. One day I watched her as she was trying to get out of the condo after a feeding visit. She seemed to really struggle as if one of them had her by the ankles.."don't go yet, more food" . I could tell that they were beginning to fill the inside of the little condo. She also began to remove small pieces of white egg shells.
    We do not know how many babies there are, but I have seen 2 so far. One seems to be the BIG guy/gal & the other looks much smaller. Hmmmm, I wonder who gets most of that Bug Buffet?!
    Last week we began to hear them talking to the parents, especially when the Mom brings food.  You can see her 'chatting' back to the baby in Photo 3.  Their voices sound nice & strong.
    This afternoon about 3:30 I was sitting on the patio, camera at the ready when the Mom began to feed.
    I haven't seen Dad today but Mom was her usual busy self feeding the babies. I took some video where you can see her sitting on the roof after feeding & you can see one of the babies sticking his/her head out the door & yelling for MORE!
    There are also some pics that show Mom in action feeding them.
    The Big Baby started yelling when Mom was sitting on the roof & before I knew it out came his little head. He was trying to see her I guess. You can also see in the photos that she is watching & listening to the chatter.
    WOW, what an adorable little Mini Flycatcher. I'm not sure how much longer they will stay inside the condo but it's been quite a journey with our little family.
    The Flycatcher babies from last year stayed in our yard with the protection of the block wall for a couple of days after they ventured out of the condo. The parents kept encouraging them to fly I guess. One morning we woke up & they had flown away!
    We have water on the ground for them & have removed 'yard art' which might be in the way on their First Flight!
    I'll keep watching them as long as they stay in our yard & nearby. I think they will stay until the end of summer.
    You can see the Flycatcher Story looking back at my IReports of the last month.
    Too Cute!!!

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