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    Robin Williams and lessons learned..Carpe Diem

    Depression can grip you, encompass you, consume you. It is not something you can snap out of or get over. It is something you have to work through and work your way out of by multiple means…sometimes one day at a time. When paired with anxiety, substance abuse, life stressors, lack of coping skills, what have you it can put you on a downward spiral that gets deeper and darker. The feelings of extreme despair, hopelessness, worthlessness are unshakeable regardless of your stature in life.
    I am incredibly saddened for Robin Williams... his talent, intelligence, compassion were so beautifully translated not only in his characters but in who he was as a person. He had an engaging personality that emanated warmth and kindness. I will miss his smile, his booming laughter, his kind eyes, his generosity, his wit. It is rare to have an actor/entertainer who can have the kind of impact Williams had on those who grew up watching him in roles that made us think, laugh, cry and come to understand the importance of being genuine in who you are and having a passion for whatever vocation you choose, as he did himself. I did not know him but he left an impact on many by being who he was and teaching that life is more than about you, it’s about what you give back. Today that is what we all are remembering, what he gave to the world over, his time and compassion.
    If someone of his caliber who was so accomplished, loved, respected and followed by so many, could succumb to depression, what to make of those who don’t begin to have the support system and resources to deal with this beast of an illness?
    Life is fragile. Reach out to those around you and go beyond yourself, THINK beyond yourself and give of yourself in the service of others. In the end we are all human and we seek, we want, we hope for someone, just ONE person in the world who will get us, understand us and acknowledge our struggle and nothing more. There is a healing power in being heard whether your circumstances can be changed or not. It gives you hope and validates that you matter.
    Every day is an opportunity to extend kindness and help make a difference in the world we live in. Now more than ever with so much heartache, anguish, devastation, loss and shock that is plaguing the world we need to step up and do our part in helping to bring change and awareness. If we are blessed to have the life we have, then there rests a responsibility on us to pay it forward. It’s the logical and compassionate thing to do. Kindness goes a long way, it can have an immeasurable impact, it can change a life. Please reach out and exercise the incredible power we have in our own hands.
    We all have our unique perspectives and experiences that we can bring to the table of life. The benefits are multiplied and empathy is nurtured when we care enough to share of ourselves with others. The quality of our relationships/friendships and giving back is what brings meaning/purpose to our lives and how we live. Make it matter, make it count that you were here on this earth and you helped to make a difference in whatever way big or small. Don’t wait for tomorrow, CARPE DIEM.
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