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    Posted August 15, 2014 by
    Sirsa, India
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    A synopsis of the judgment of the Hon’ble District and Sessions Judge,on the case against Dera Sacha Sauda on the DRESS EPISODE delivered on 8th August, 2014
    The gist of the complaint was that wearing a dress of a particular nature, purportedly similar to one of the previous Gurus had denigrated a particular religion, intentionally. While exonerating Dera Sacha Sauda, the learned judge recorded the following findings in his landmark judgment.
    1) The complainant never attended the said congregation and got a case registered only on the basis of reading a newspaper.
    2) None amongst the lakhs of people who attended the said function objected to it.
    3) Not a single word was uttered by Guruji to disgrace or against anyone.
    4) The said dress could not be held to be the same as any other by any “stretch of imagination”
    5) While assessing the socio-spiritual contributions of Guruji, the court lauded the immense good work for society and recorded his contributions as “remarkable”, especially with regard to the various humanitarian world records. The court accepted Guruji as a secular and philanthropic personality and concluded that there were no grounds for ascribing mens rea or questionable intent to him.On the basis of these reasons, the court exonerated Dera Sacha Sauda of any wrongdoing.
    Looking at the above excerpts of the court judgment, it is clear that a certain species in India manages to fool most of the people, all the time, until the alert judiciary catches up and establishes the truth.Well, a part of the blame does rest with the hoi polloi for falling into the trap, but for most part, these supra-constitutional beings who fabricate such allegations operate from within the safest quarters of our democracy and remain untouched by the media, law enforcement and judiciary. The trouble with our democracy is that we elect them and they proceed to gnaw and pull out the very roots of democracy and strike at the very fundamentals of social interest, irrespective of political affiliation. There are endless such examples of private games of public loss, played by politicians. Here is another powerful example of how these people create cyclones of hate on the most trivial of excuses.

    Can you imagine that someone wears an outfit. Religious hysteria, intrigue, deliberate disinformation, staged outrage and clever propaganda erupt - brewed by backstage actors; the act of wearing a dress becomes an international story. The media laps it up and distributes fiction as fact, fully aware but still, regardless, of the grassroots repercussions.
    Rioters rent the air with shrill war cries. There are death threats and attacks. Hate implodes! Prayer meetings are targeted, marriages, prayers and funerals disrupted and RDX used with impunity – against someone whose only fault was to have worn robes of a certain nature!
    It happened with Dera Sacha Sauda, seven years ago. The social disruption that it generated was humongous.
    But seven years later, the court has given out the verdict given above that no offence was made out. The so called dress issue is addressed by that order. But this time, in sheer contrast, the news is not even a whimper. While disinformation that pits brother against brother is welcome in today's media, the footfall of peace must sink without a trace! There is no titillation, no sensationalism and nothing fashionable in truth. It is certainly not desirable to promote love and understanding in society and dissuade hate; that is what most media mandarins seem to think. Who will read the newspapers or watch TV channels without the daily dose of diatribe, hate and hyperbole?
    Another example concerning Dera Sacha Sauda that has brought forth the emptiness of the tirades conspired against it by busybodies. In 2010, a case probing the disappearance of an old man, Faqir Chand, was cracked by a famed central agency with startling disclosures. It recovered an audio CD which laid bare the designs of certain Punjab politicians who were willing to pay upto 30 lakhs each to people willing to falsely depose against the Dera. Even though the closure report was accepted by the court, yet what shocks everyone is that the bureau did not investigate their own findings of conspiracy any further. Probably, wicked conspiracies are seen by some as being necessary parts of the armamentarium of the power elite. (See cutting from a vernacular paper dated 2nd December, 2010 that outlines how conspiracies against the Dera are hatched but remain buried in closure reports to the Hon'ble Courts,it has not seen the light of the day in the English media.)
    A previous report by the Sirsa sessions judge in 2002 had clearly stated that the allegations against the Dera could be having their roots in forces/mafias that feel threatened by its rising popularity. Indeed, the scepter of drugs that hangs over Punjab seems like a clear reason to keep the Dera at loggerheads by foul means because of its massive emphasis on de-addiction. In every one of His discourses, Guruji brings up the issue of drugs and alcohol and questions if any religions sanctions them. Guruji also makes it a point to refer to the death toll that drugs and alcohol are causing directly and indirectly. That the political forces have a close connect with the sellers of various intoxicants, cutting across party lines, is not a big secret. Additionally, Ajai Sahni, the renowned expert on south asian terrorism was quick to point out the cross-border narco-terror connection, way back in 2007.Plus, the dilution of caste, community and religious identities, and the tearing down of narrow parochial barriers of the ever increasing masses at the Dera is giving sleepless nights to politicians who rely only on harvesting the caste and communal calculus, during elections. Dr.Pawan explains, “The shift from society’s insane caste and communal hatred to Guruji’s preaching of Insan , ie tolerant humanitarianism is the radical shift no political party is ever going to like. It is like taking away their stranglehold by destroying the politics of hate. Creating emancipated minds that work by dialogue, debate and consensus changes their choicest victims – the gullible voters, who always liked to vote their caste when they cast their vote. But the Dera removes all petty parochial considerations!”
    Then he concludes, “The process of the court has cleared all misgivings. Dera Sacha Sauda reveres all religions since its inception. We are sure that this verdict shall go a long way in promoting social amity by creating clarity on our role. Dera's only aim is social harmony. We revere all religions and their sacred institutions.”
    In a world where most men choose to be pygmies, there are no strong shoulders to further the legacy of love. The power elite thrives only on vested interest, blackmail, fear and mayhem. So, truth almost always does not stand a chance. So, thank God that we have the internet!

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