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    New violence in Israel and West Bank

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    The true about Hamas


    July 2014
    The true about Hamas

    A friend's son who lives in Gaza City in a way that came to me a letter from Ahmed who lives in Gaza City background I knew Ahmed's father, Musa, who worked years ago as a locksmith shop in South Tel Aviv, a nice man who was leaving Gaza every morning at 04:00 and begins work at 6: 30 in the shop in Tel Aviv.
    Musa made a good living for himself and his family was able to buy an apartment in Gaza City.
    Ahmed Musa's son would come from time to time with the father to help him at work.
    Ahmad, who is the father of thirteen children's writing.

    "Years ago when Dad had to leave work in the Middle, he started working at a small shop in Gaza.
    Making a living was difficult and I was working with him to help support the household.
    In 2006, out of the Gaza Strip, one minute behind began to go out on the town with a group of thugs vans Hamas. shot to beat and kill anybody they think is against them and was afraid to go outside.
    We sat for a few days in the House, Dad wouldn't let anyone out.
    After a few days only and I dad went to work in the shop and get some income.
    Every time we heard the approaching vehicles are filled with fear and seek a place to hide.
    One day stopped a van with a bunch of thugs from Hamas near the shop, they entered the shop and took a workshop.
    Two days later he returned with a round face and spoke with him, I sat back and listened.
    The latter informed him that his workshop from now work for Hamas, and only for Hamas.
    They set the prices and the power required of him.
    From that day all came from Hamas, an armed thug sitting in the shop and we produce tubes with wings and I then intended to launch rockets.
    One day the truck comes with thugs from Hamas, attacked my dad took him out of the workshop.
    Never saw my dad.
    The shop owner asked me not to come to work, I asked what was going on with my dad and I got was Hamas discovered that dad worked and suspected of collaborating with Israel and transferred him to a place of suspected collaborators.
    Later I realized I just killed him and threw his body into the pit.
    Life became increasingly difficult job we had a small allowance of money every month, barely enough for bread and milk.
    One day asked me to go with him for a few special days, because I needed the income went to him.
    We arrived at the apartment in Gaza were 6 guys, put us into a box of the truck sitting in the dark closed and we couldn't see anything, we drove for about an hour and then took us inside a closed structure.
    We didn't know where we were.
    Show us a hole in the ground and told us to get down, the decline was frightening, and we found ourselves in a ditch, went inside a few hundred meters and got to the end.
    There we waited 2 thugs from Hamas, gave us tools, explain to us what to do and we started to dig and to extend the tunnel.
    The work was hard, the air is stuffy, worked in shifts of 8 hours and 4 rest.
    We stayed in the tunnel about 10 days, the GSE Hamas pass every day, they were yelling and hitting us when they thought that the low rate.
    After about 10 days took us, gave each of us a little money to close van and took us in central Gaza.
    We didn't know where we were and what we dug a tunnel and the pay was low, but was.
    I didn't come back to that job.
    I thought to go back to work in the shop, I went there and the shop was closed.
    I asked the neighbor what had happened and they fear that the workshop had moved elsewhere and no one knows where.
    They said every morning comes with closed box truck, all employees of the shop into a box and they come back late at night.

    I found myself working in temporary jobs in order to get food for my family.
    All the time we are living in fear on the streets from time to time comes with truck stop Hamas armed Goons are attacking civilians, gunmen kill and beat off.
    We see in Gaza the rich, members of Hamas live in luxurious homes, drive new cars, sending children to school abroad and most Gazans live in poverty, without fear of hooligans and Hamas.
    Sometimes the kids tell me that Hamas is giving out candy to kids in different locations in the Gaza Strip, the kids are going to get candy and the next thing we hear teleported away missiles and rockets into Israel.
    Israel is returning fire to the place and disabled children.
    I am writing you this letter because the situation is very difficult.
    Luckily we live in Gaza but our families that live in other areas in the Gaza Strip, which Hamas runs perpetrators of war kept firing missiles on villages and we kept Gazans injured and we have no where to hide.
    Hamas organized in their bunkers underground, some of them don't even reside in the Gaza Strip, are protected and not care about the rest of the war in Gaza.
    There were many families who rent rooms or space to Hamas in their homes, livelihood and it gave them a rocket toward Israel at from their homes. Many homes TWA then by your aircraft.
    We are so afraid of hooligans, who Hamas is afraid of the bombs, and large explosions all the time, you hear a whistling rocket or missile and know that it will be right after the explosion of a bomb.
    We heard about the tunnels Hamas dug to Israel and realized that I was working on building a tunnel like this, we don't understand why they're doing it to harm Israel rather than develop and improve residents ' lives.
    Hope all my family and I will be alive.
    But I have hope, I know that Hamas would take all the money that the world will give to rehabilitate Gaza, buy more weapons and build more villas for senior Hamas.
    The GSE Hamas will continue to drive their vans and cruelty in people.
    I can tell you that we know that some Hamas leaders are sitting in bunkers beneath hospitals and a school in Gaza. They know that you don't hurt them too bad there.
    We pray that the world will help us to be free from fear of the brutal slaying of Hamas.
    I'm sure if you distribute my letter will not reveal the real name of my father who was a friend of yours and my name.
    Pray for the death of the Hamas men and we get to freedom and a normal life for our children and we in Gaza.
    And I go back to the days when slave father's relationship with his best friends from Israel
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