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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

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    Michael Brown - not the angel they told us he was

    Once again we have a situation where a young black male gets killed doing dumb stuff. Brown challenge authority and lost. For days now we see again pictures of a youth that is pretty clean cut and normal looking. Then we hear he was never in trouble. So, in drives Al Sharpton and the rest of the crazy crowd follows. None know a thing about what happened expect the account from some so-called witnesses. The rush to hang the white cop escalates calling for his name like it would make any difference at this point. They want him just because he is a white cop. No need to look at any facts - he is guilty because his whiteness makes him incapable of being a fair cop. That is what they think and yet he protects them everyday.
    Well, as with most Al Sharpton cases, the real facts are coming out now. Video of the saint Brown robbing a store and assaulting the clerk. A 6'4'' thug that uses his sheer size to take what he wants. He didn't need a gun because he is bigger than most everyone. Not a skinny teenager like the kid next door like they wanted us to believe, this guy was huge in size and height. So, here we are like when the white haters found out the name Zimmerman wasn't automatically white. There is a real race problem here, but I think the focus is on the wrong race as the problem.
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