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    Posted August 15, 2014 by

    The Sad Truth in Ferguson

    We all know that Ferguson, Missouri is in the news for the recent killing of a young black man by a white policeman. Whatever happened, whatever went wrong, it is not unique to Ferguson, but could happen anywhere in the United States. Racism is unfortunately real. Whites are prejudiced against blacks. Blacks are prejudiced against whites. Both blacks and whites are prejudiced against Latinos and Latinos return the favor. Some men think women are worthless, bad or not quite human. Some women return the favor. This is the reality of now. This is the reality that needs to change. No one should die because of skin color or cultural differences.
    There used to be commercials for cigarettes (remember those?) that said “You’ve come a long way baby!” It was talking about women and promoting all the wrong things, but the statement was right. Women have come a long way and so have race relations. In both cases, there is still a long way to go. Prejudice doesn’t go away just because it’s wrong or just because you want to change. Still wanting to change is the first step.
    The next time you meet someone of a different color, religion, political party or whatever difference divides you - remember, you’re just meeting another person. That person has hopes and fears, dreams for the future, people he loves and people who love him. The culture or appearance may be different, but vive le difference! This may be your chance to make an interesting acquaintance, or maybe even a friend. People who are different can help you see things you have never seen and learn things you would never otherwise know. Be willing to make the first step. The other person may or may not be willing to reciprocate. If they don’t reciprocate, just remember where you were once and hope that someday with someone else, that different person may be willing to try because of meeting people like you who did try.
    Whatever happened in Ferguson, it is a tragedy and we are the only people who can prevent future tragedies. I’m in. How about you?
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