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    Posted August 16, 2014 by
    Bongaon, India
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    By Asit Saha
    Bimal was waiting at Barasat railway platform. This station is located at a distance of 23 k.m from Sealdah and 54 k.m. from Bongaon. The other name of Sealdah Division is Kolkata Railway division. It is the capital station of West Bengal . This eastern state of Indian federal democracy is over crowded for accommodating crores of refugees ,came from East Pakistan , after the separation in 1947.
    Millions of commuters from different branches of this state use trains to reach the capital, Kolkata. They come from different stations like Bongaon, Boshirhat, Dankuni,Krishnagar, Shantipur, Murshidabad, and Bundwan to this cosmopolitan city for various works. The local trains namely Canning, Budge Budge, Laxikantpur, Baruipur, and Majherhat also leave from Sealdah South section. Apart from these,some super expresses like Sealdah –New Delhi Rajdhani and Varanashi Express regularly leave from this important railway Junction station of East india.
    “Friend Bimal ! Why the railway service of your country is so horrible?” Judy asked.
    Bimal being a daily passenger of Bongaon Local has already bagged many a bitter experiences in travelling . Now he is 57 years old . Another 3 years are left to complete 60 years of service in a Central Government Office of Kolkata. He has been working as the Head Clerk in office. He has the qualification of B.A. English Honours. His profound knowledge in English literature helped him in study of M.A. .This Bengalee gentleman had gathered an experience in teaching English.
    Judy knows the guy Bimal for more than 17 years and she has kept alive their good friendship till today . Family members of Bimal are well acquainted with this American lady. She is a talent. Her fame for mango research is well known to them. The world famous mango specialist, Noris Ledsma know her by name.
    Judy could not keep suppressed her curiosity about Indian Rail and asked “Bimal ! Your country has the longest railway network but why the administration is so loose? Why this deplorable condition persists ?
    Bimal became ashamed of long delay in the arrival Bongaon Local but said nothing about it.
    Judy again said “We’ve spent more than one hour at Barasat, but not a single Bongaon local has come . “
    “ Bhou------“ Hearing this whistle of an electric train Judy shouted “See Bimal a train is coming, it may be our train. “ A train came but It was the Barasat Local of 11-08.
    “ No, Judy, this train is a Local. The end station of this train is Barasat. This short distanced local will not go to Bongaon”
    Next train is at 11-12 a.m. This is also Barasat Local. They became confused.Looking at the board, hanging from the pillar of platform shade both Judy and Bimal became frustrated. On reading the arrival and departure time they could know the mockery of railway timetable . According to timetable another three trains at 11-22 a.m, 11-32 a.m., and 11-40 are also Barasat Locals. Very boring is the time to spend during this time . All five Barasat Locals touched the station and entered the crashed located at a distance 500 meters. Question is “ How the railway authority could keep 5 Barasat locals consecutively?”
    Very excitedly Judy shouted “ Another train is coming.” In no time the train came at 11-55 a.m. Hopefully Judy tried to board into the train but Bimal prevented her to get into the train . It was the Boshirhat local, not Bongaon Local.
    At 12-05 noon another train arrived and departed for Habra town. “What a great contrast between the train service of America and of India !” Judy’s country America enjoy an unlimited comfort in every field of technology. The country is developed and the people can’t misuse such long time sitting idly in railway platform.
    How India can brag of significant achievement ? In the mean time a great number of passengers assembled on the platform no 4. Rapidly the mass gathering swelled . Commuters faced problems of moving because due to indulgence of politicians the whole platform is occupied by the illegal stalls, restaurants and hawkers. Many stalls preparing tea, chowmin, eggroll etc are the standing obstructions for smooth movement of commuters. For cheap popularity of different political parties such culture of “Occupy government land and start business.” Is dominant almost in every platform.
    At last at 12-15 noon a Bongaon bound train arrived and both Bimal and Judy had to scuffle with other passengers for boarding into the compartment. It is pity that both Bimal and Judy have purchased proper tickets but no favourable service of travelling has been offered by the “INDIAN RAIL “. Judy got a blow on the neck from an angry passenger. Bimal pulled her by the hand and both the friends remained standing all through the return journey.
    At the end Judy asked “Why the minister in charge neglects this section ?” Is not his department earning money from the travelers of Bongaon section? What a deplorable condition of compartment. Switch of some fans are out of order . For want of regular cleaning and washing many fans are not rotating and some tube lights are not giving light. Many a windowpanes and seats are broken. In the compartment, under the seats rotten fruits, rags and rough papers are spreading bad odour. In a nutshell the total condition of train compartment is full of pollution.
    Bimal said, “ Judy ! Do you think the ministers are accountable to the people as you have in USA ? In India the dishonest political leaders are upgraded to ministers and they never think about the real development of the people. On the contrary being elected by hook or by crook they deceive the electorate . No morality, nor any accountability are maintained by the ministers and political leaders who are surrounded by the tainted promoters, brokers, musclemen. .

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