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    Posted August 15, 2014 by
    parth, Australia

    How can you reflect your personality in your kitchen’s design?

    Home is where the heart is, no doubt, and the kitchen is the heart of a home. So needless to say you definitely want the kitchen to reflect your personality. This becomes even more important when it is an open kitchen that we are dealing with. But the question is how to go about creating a kitchen design which collaborates with your personality just like the rest of the house does. Here, keeping a few tips in mind will go a long way for you.

    Plan for A to Z before you begin the execution phase – that is, the kitchen building. Mostly one can go about working with a general idea of constructing or redoing a kitchen and then building upon it. But if looking for a kitchen that reflects your personality plan even the small jobs beforehand. So apart from the obvious choice of the appliance and the décor take into consideration other facts like kitchen linen, decorative effects etc. It is the small parts that sometimes help bring the entire kitchen together. If wanting to collaborate between the living room and the kitchen then organize for them together.

    So, the first step to building a kitchen that reflects your personality is planning. Try to spot the areas where you can truly bring out our taste.

    Cabinets and shelves – These form a part of almost all kitchens and therefore allow for a lot of innovation. So if you have a simple yet sophisticated personality, go with the mostly open cabinets with straight shelves. If your personality is more flamboyant let this reflect in your cabinet covers and handles. There are designs to suit almost every personality trait in almost all budgets. When choosing cabinets and shelves, ensure that the material is also kept in consideration and it must be suitable to the usage of these shelves.

    Bench tops – Again here, the bench tops are extremely eye-catching in a kitchen and therefore you need to allow enough room for your personality to come across. Choose simple beige or any other one colour bench top if looking at a low key ambience and if not then go with the chip look granite which allows for more complication to come across. There are several designed granite bench tops also available which can be located with ease on the net.

    Flooring -The flooring must reflect on the same concept as the rest of the kitchen. So if seeking the simplicity to come across go with a mat finished flooring with no designs since it will help bring out the simple sophistication of the kitchen. For an outgoing personality of course there are several modern pattern tiles and timber boards to choose from.

    Ambience – The general ambience of the kitchen can be worked upon phenomenally to create a kitchen that suits your personality. So do not over do it with pictures or art if you want it to be a cut and dry look. The lighting also has to be non garish and focusing on the main areas of cooking and serving so as to take the simple look forward. On the other hand for the more flamboyant personality opt for low hanging lamp lights, which can be placed right in the centre of the kitchen or over the benchtops. Accessorize with anything that matches the look you’re going for, such as a fancy clock or glass ornaments or vases with a nice indoor plant.

    The key to the success of developing a kitchen that matches your personality lies in having an eye for detail. So keep these tips in mind and we wish you all the best in your endeavours. temptkitchens.com.au More information at https://twitter.com/Temptkitchens
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