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    Posted August 15, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Gaza, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Ferguson- Will Governments Ever Give a Damn About People?

    So, you're a scientist, on your way to an Aids conference in Australia, flying over Ukraine on route, and suddenly, "Boom", you're dead.
    Your remains, along with hundreds of other fellow scientists, children, and families, lie scattered over a few mile radius in a field in Ukraine.
    But it doesn't matter you're dead- except to those that see this as a means to an end in rallying Europe to join the U.S. sanctions against Russia for their involvement in Crimea. Given lemons? Make lemonade. Right?
    But who is responsible for the weapon used that brought down the plane you were flying on?
    Who manufactured it? Sold it? Purchased it? Pushed the button that launched it?
    Everybody that was involved pointed the finger away from themselves and at the 'other guys'.
    Everybody has blood on their hands, but no one wanted to accept the responsibility of the senseless deaths.
    And it's not just in Ukraine that we see this happening these days.
    Look at Gaza. Ask the same questions about-who? What? When? Where? and Why?
    1,800+ people died there in the largest outdoor prison since South Africa.
    We saw what happened. But those responsible for the innocent people that died, were quick to dehumanize and blame the victims.
    "They supported Hamas!" "Hamas was hiding behind the victims we shot so we could get to Hamas." "
    Hamas was responsible for all the people we killed with American made weapons."
    And again, who made the weapons?

    Here, in America, in Ferguson, MO., police can now execute an alleged Tiparillo thief by shooting them in the back and as the man turns with his hands up, finish the job by shooting him repeatedly until he is dead.
    It saves the trouble and the cost of incarceration and a jury trial.
    In Los Angeles, a Highway patrolman beat a elderly grandmother for walking in the road, because he wanted to protect her from hurting herself.
    There are deaths by strangleholds in NYC, and killing of civilians by collateral US drone strikes in Afghanistan.
    Our CIA murders Iranian nuclear scientists.
    Our president can now assassinate an American citizen anywhere because they are suspected of being 'a terrorist'.
    The death toll of unarmed people in our country killed by aggressive, poorly trained police is rising.
    But around the World, we see a policy by governments of " we don't care or give a damn about human life".
    You'd think that we would have learned by now how to solve many of our problems without killing people.
    People deserve better governance and leadership.
    They deserve to live their lives without fear of their government, to pursue their dreams, raise their children, and live in peace.
    We should be respected and allowed to live in peace.
    There are reasonable solutions out there to solve our challenges if we take the motive of profit out of the equation.
    It's a shame, that currently, we have governments that don't give a damn about the people they're suppose to be there to help and protect.
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