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    Don’t ignore your friends who are in depression


    A person who made the whole world laugh was going through such a disturbed life for so many years that finally he succumbed to death. He committed suicide and ended his life after being in clinical depression for so many years.
    After reading the news of Robin Williams on 11th of August , I felt it is important to share an experience of mine with you all. I hope this will help someone in some way.
    I have a friend who was in depression for quite a long time. My friend had shared all the problems, deeper emotions and turmoil only with two people including me. After getting to know how complex and deep the situation was, I was worried.
    “Is my friend going to commit suicide? Should I ask my friend if there are any such thoughts? What if the answer is “yes” ? Should I stay away from it and remain indifferent to it? OR Should I try to help my friend? I can’t share the personal details of someone’s life with others to seek help. But, at the same time I felt it is truly inhumane to remain indifferent about it.
    I was certainly disturbed! I did not have any solution to offer to my friend. Neither could I settle down with the thought that I should stay away from it. But what if I had to wake up on a morning and hear the same news as Robin Williams, but with a more familiar name?
    I could not take it anymore. I decided to talk to my friend. And, what happened as a result was really life changing event!
    Yes! My friend was contemplating suicide. Also, the other common friend knew about it and had remained silent. The other friend clearly said NO for any help from his side when I talked to him about it. The situation seemed to be more complex than what I initially thought
    After more talks, I figured out that the other friend who knew about it all and remained indifferent to it had created such an image in my friend’s mind that no one else could erase. My friend thought no one cares about others life and went it to a loop of thinking about all the problems and feeling it is not worth to live anymore. Someone oversimplifying the other person’s problems, ignoring and staying indifferent to a friend’s suicidal thoughts and offering no help had become a bigger reason to go in to deeper depression and attempt of suicide.
    It took an immense effort to get all three of us on board and remove that image from my friend’s mind.
    Today, though all problems are not resolved, my friend is very much alive and surely has given up the suicidal thoughts.
    I request you all, to be more understanding on such sensitive issues if you ever happen to get in to it. It could be your friend or anybody within your own family. We need not resolve the issues in others life. But, at least give them support; make them feel strong to fight on their own.
    Don’t ignore your friends who are in depression. Especially when you know they are contemplating suicide!

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