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    Posted August 17, 2014 by

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    Streaks of Con or Chem?


    Criss crossing lines in the sky are prevalent across the U.S. of America, but are these streaks simply condensation trails emitted from increased air traffic? Or are they something far more sinister...


    Chemtrails are one of the years hottest - two or more people plotting something in secret to further an agenda; proposed solution to a question of science backed by plausible and discerning factually based insights - aka: conspiracy theories.


    This year chemtrails have been thrust into the spotlight, and for good reason, as the people I've talked to are passionately certain that the issue clear. As you'll read, both sides offer compelling points of view - here's a quick synopsis of the divides most prevalent responses.


    The answers are labeled as follows con (contrail believers) and chem (chemtrail believers).


    Q: What do you beleive the long trails following aircraft to be?


    Con: condensation, an aircraft hits a certain altitude where moisture is prevalent and the hot air from the airplanes engines causes the formation of condensation clouds.


    Chem: chemical dumping for reasons not known exactly, but it's what we're trying to find out.


    Q: Why would our government allow for chemicals to be "sprayed" across the masses and sit on their hands?


    Con: The government would not allow for it, and the planes are not spraying chemicals.


    Chem: Plenty of reasons, but both have the government behind the curtain and in the know. First, dumbing down and controlling the masses. The second, communication aid used in military signalling. The third, geo engineering and climate control. Whether it's one or a combination of the three doesn't matter, it needs to stop because it's affecting the health of the people and the environment.


    Those were the typical responses from both sides, and to choose one position over the other is difficult to do based on fact. Both have feasible arguments, but neither can disprove the other. How will we know for sure? That's a difficult question to answer.

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