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    In Memoriam

    At The Improv in LA

    I remember back in 1984, I was 22 at the time, when he showed up unannounced at the Improv in LA. I got so excited I turned my chair so hard, so I could see him run up on stage, that I tipped over and knocked half the drinks off our table. I wish I could remember some of his lines, but they were coming out so fast it seemed humanly impossible to be able to process thoughts into humor at the speed of light and, yet, there we were witnessing it. He'd ask people in the audience to give him a subject, or even just a word and he'd do a whole routine on the spot. Everyone was laughing so hard we were crying. And the few hecklers in the crowd? All that did was up his game. He filleted their asses serving it back to them on a silver platter. He even asked for more hecklers but after the first few nobody volunteered. The guy who came on after him, I think it was his first time on stage said, "Are you $%!# kidding me? My first time, and I have to follow $%!# Robin Williams?!"

    Afterward, as we were walking out of the Improv, we were saying how we couldn't believe we got to see Robin Williams. Suddenly my friend tugs my arm and says, "Hey look there he is!" He was standing looking out into the street with his arm on a parking meter about 30 feet ahead of us. And with that, I took off running in his direction. I could hear my friends gasp in horror, "Oh my God! Please don't embarrass us," one of them wailed as her voice trailed behind me. With the few drinks I had, I'm sure I looked like a deranged lunatic running toward him.

    Are you Robin Williams?!" I asked.

    “Yes.” He said, in a shy voice.

    "Oh my god, I love you!" I grabbed his arm,"You were like so funny! Can I please, please kiss you?" He could have told me to eff off or just turned and walked away, but instead, he smiled, leaned over, and turned his head so I could kiss him on his right cheek, which I did.

    "Oh My god! I can't believe I kissed Robin Williams!" I screamed. "You were like, so great!"

    "Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. Thank you." He said it in such a genuine and sincere way, it took me off guard how supremely humble he was. He made you feel like you were the famous celebrity and he was the fan thanking you.

    By this time my friends caught up but were walking far enough away so he would know they weren't going to ambush him like the crazy girl in front of him. "Sorry about our friend attacking you," one of them said, "and thanks for a great show, you were like totally awesome!"

    "Thank you, thank you so much," he said to them, in his genuine and sweet humble way. It’s been almost 30 years since, but I'll never forget it. RIP you sweet, kind, gentle soul.
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