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    ThoughtCrimes at the University of South Carolina

    At the University of South Carolina, I, Sammi Addahoumi had been charged with Thoughtcrimes for which I could either repent before the B.I.T tribunal or be silenced by expulsion, academically vaporized.

    I was given only 2 days notice by a conspicuously vague email from the Behavioral Intervention Team. The email gave me not an accusation, nor causation, nor accuser, or any common courtesy of detail of even what exactly the B.I.T. program was, simply a mandated appointment to be met or accept expulsion.

    Having never personally read George Orwell’s 1984, and having no grasp of what was in store, one word came to mind: “Orwellian”.

    The words I would only much later find in 1984 were therefore nothing new to me; they simply reinforced my own personal experiences which in many ways reflect what at once Orwell was part of, what he seemed to have warned against, and what he, for all intended purposes of today, naively understated.

    He saw the evils of empire, for he was part of the party machinery that could lie even to itself as it clung to ill-gotten power and desperately tried to maintain it’s colonial outposts, whether in Palestine or, in Orwell’s case, Burma.

    This was, and still is, an empire of white capital that both attempted and attempts to control and exploit ethnic labor as well as the world’s markets in which it toils extracting resources.

    It is my hypothesis that even the very name of Orwell’s novel, 1984, is a testament to the reality that, even in his time, the totalitarian machine of which his book forewarns was, and still is, so strong and absolute that the true title was, and still is ,the worst of thoughtcrimes: 1948.

    The fictional world of Oceana was very much a reality of his time, with Landing Strip One being not the U.K but Israel, though still formed by much of the same geographic area described by Orwell. Whether by premonition or prior knowledge, he would describe Oceana exactly as the “Five Eyes” that was to originate with the American National Securtiy Administration, founded just 3 years after his publication of 1984.

    Orwell’s Oceana was farsighted in that it realistically captured not only the 5 public eyes, but the unstated yet openly known eyes of Israel and South Africa that all have connections going back to the Odessa Network whereby America and British officials worked with Nazi scientists and officers to relocate them among various South American countries.

    Indeed, Orwell outlined clearly the network of eyes that worked to keep power in the hands of the few, for English Socialism, or Ingsoc, is to be understood as Zionism, and it’s party machinery works now as it did then only growing stronger, seemingly unrestrained but for the exponential rate of Moore’s Law.

    It can be said that even my elementary understanding of the term “Orwellian” was as accurate as it was flawed, for while I merely understood it as synonymous with “oppression”, the true depth of how it relates to USC’s Behavior Intervention Team program and how lethal Orwell himself understood the party, or Zionist machine is to be found in that seminal line of “those who control the past control the future, and those who control the present control the past”.

    What was born in 1948 was not just Zionist Israel or Apartheid South Africa; it was the beginning of the systematic end of a people, of a race, of a religion.

    1948 gave birth to the Islamophobia which grows ever stronger with each Israeli land grab that in and of itself represents a present, or future, which can only be had through the decimation of people, of a history, of a nation, of Palestine.

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