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    Avon Park, Florida
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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

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    Fergusson City Must Deal with the Problem and not Symptoms

    Fergusson City Must Deal with the Problem and not Symptoms

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    The problem is the cause and the symptom is the effect. For an example an anger problem, can cause an effect or consequence. Or old traditions going unchanged while the demographic changed can cause an effect of consequence. What just took place in Fergusson, Mo, a small town of about 21,135 people, whereby the City Avon Park, FL., has a population of about 8,792, was do to the lack of black leadership.

    Emerson Electric Company is located there and company called Express Scripts, the nations largest pharmacy benefits management company who just announced a $56M expansion creating 1,500 new jobs, is right outside Fergusson City. While over 80% of the people have high school diplomas, the school where Michael Brown graduated lost its accreditations. So what is the academic curriculum for black people? What are they teaching them if anything. I ask because there is no sign of any black leadership within this city or organizations in that city. And the major areas of crime are all about stealing being robberies, burglary and thief, so the way I see it, this just an excuse to continue doing what they have been doing, so the world can see their ignorance.

    While the population of the Fergusson City, Mo., is about 21,135. The demographic breakdown is about 65% black and 31% white, yet the City of Ferguson's Police Department had 54 commissioned officers. The officers are all police academy graduates and are certified peace officers by the Missouri Department of Public Safety. Why? Meanwhile they have a six member council with only one being black person with a seat and the police force consist of three black officers out of a total of 53 commissioned Officers because I guess they fired Darren Wilson the officer who allegedly murdered Michael Brown. Blacks are disproportionately arrested and stopped while driving and are disproportionately arrested.

    What happened in Fergusson, Mo and the only anomalies I spot. The city was about 99% white in 1970 and today it is 70% black. Therefore the demographics changed but not the traditions or ways of life and governance. But there is a simple solution, which is time sensitive and would be a great PR move for Al Sharpton, who runs a 501 c (4) operation "The National Action Network, INC., allowing him to address these political concerns.

    Out of 15,000 people who are old enough to vote in that city, only 10% or 1,500 are registered to vote. Therefore though the population is 65% black, the municipality is being controlled by only 10% or the few politically active people in that small city, who further designed a system of elections to give them even more leverage.

    First of all, Fergusson City, MO., must start an immediate voters registration campaign and try to get 100% of all qualified black voters registered to vote. Meanwhile utilize this national media to address the voting system used in this city, which leans towards an “at-large” voting system meaning there are no districts at all, and all candidates face the whole electorate. This system is used around the country to reduce minority representation, since it makes it harder for numerical minorities to elect their preferred candidates.

    Under this current voting system and registration configuration, there is only one black out of six City Council members and no black members on School Board Members, only three out of fifty-three commissioned police officers are black. Therefore we want to know, what is the criteria of being recruited and what is the qualifications of completion. We need to know this because someone so well trained should have never did what Darren Wilson the officer who allegedly did (murdered) Michael Brown in cold blood. And due to Michael Browns behavior and the act of officer Darren Wilson, an investigation on any possible connections between the two must be done. We must count out a hit due to corruption! There has to be a lot of corruption and it must be found.

    Black's could control that municipality within 6 years or less! And Operation Solution and Response, would be a great project for this city.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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