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    th' National Bird in danger.


    IT IS JUST UNREAL SOMETHING ,  BUT IS A PASS-TIME REAL LETTER , WHICH IS INTENDED TO ADDRESS TO THE WORLDWIDE FOLKS OF THE FOWLS — ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO OFTEN DWELL NEAR ME AS A REAL AND CLOSE NEIGHBORHOODS Date :   15 /  August  /  2014. DEAR ,  MY FRIENDS , THE WORLDS OF THE BIRDS. GOOD DAY   !!         THE LATEST PICTURE ,  ATTACHED WITHIN THIS LETTER ,  ITSELF TELLS THAT HOW WANDERINGLY IN INDIA  :          In the Open Bazaars ,  Exactly upon th' Fore Public Places ,  through the Exclusive Expanse Exhibitions —         “ Openly Selling ”,   o' th' Feathers & Furs of th' Peacock   !!         O Good Heavens  !!   is still a ceaseless patently trends and celebrations of the some Blind-religious Public.         Although ,  th' Peacock i' th'  World ,  is th' Official National Animal Bird. So is th' doubtless specimen of th' prerogative and protective national life & live.         A Peacock ,  for th' far and near ,  and th' far and wide ,  ever wields th' invaluable monumental Mark of the nation ,  for it is th' nation model everlastingly.         It traditionally typifies all th' identifications ,  authorizations ,  emblems  ;   as th' worldwide Emissary o' th' Nation ,  all along.         Far all ,  far from it   !!     th' Feathers & Furs of it ,  available in th' national markets openly as a Commercial Products.         Unto th' Modern Age ,  wher'ver even through the Paradisiacal Leader Nations  — Remembering the President Days ' horrific and fearful dire experiences and apprehensions  —         Neither the Salient Salmon ,  nor Herring ,  nor Pilchard ,  nor any Other ,  even th' everlastingly Friendly Dolphin ,  now between th' any devil and th' deep blue sea ,  anywhere         Doth ev'r make any migration merriments ,  passing by t' th' their natural entertainments ,  or Passing by t' th' their yearly pilgrimages ,  any more.         On the Such Bizarre Universe ,  how one canst take dare t' see or hear or say th' Migratory Sightseeing ,  o' th' deathly ov'r populational ,  and th' deadly failure nations',         Th' Countries ,  which'ver always to be untold silhouette ,  perfectly petrifi'd and unspeak'ble , Betwixt th' perpendicular parallel burning life & death.         O th' Warblers  !!   O th' Fish   !!         Yet thou ,   Entirely Entity ,  and Entirely Barefooted & Barehanded , In th'  billions & trillions ,  doth oft accomplish thy migrations & immigration over and over again ,         Despite ,  knowingly all th' facts & figures in advance ,  that th' quarter ye or th' half o' ye hardly Could ever have t' return now from the voyage again ,  at any day ,  at all         Mostly because o' th' heavy & heavy human populations & pollutions ,  that th' corrupt and toxic Perishable foods and water fluently therein oft.         While th' most popular and successful human dimensions are fully dotted with an eternal Non-ethnic and non-eateries.         Thou mustst be know the matter of f

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