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    Posted August 17, 2014 by
    Greensboro, North Carolina
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    Protests around the world

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    Cold hare Facts

    My post is not intended to offend anyone. These are my views and views I stand by. I believe there is no one better equipped than me to speak a language that connects with people of all races. The truth is the truth and if anyone can challenge what I write please do. You have to understand something here these brutes your police are 90% white in an area dominated by blacks. The police are trained to think blacks are violent so they came in with a negative view of the situation already.

    When someone thanks you are violent they are going to be even more violent. It's sad to say you cannot have a peaceful demonstration if those whom you are targeting are trained to think you are violent. The people of Ferguson black and white you need to make it a point to ask for swift justice on this case and this is the reason. This will not blow over. The more they stretch it out the more people will grow leary of the process and when they justify his not being guilty all hell is going to break lose. We cannot let this separate people in America like the OJ trial did. So my suggestion to the police and the city official of Ferguson give this cop his just due by sending him to jail.

    It's safe to say the blacks in Ferguson are safe for the moment. Non Afro American is finally figuring it out. These cops are targeting any and everyone who does not kneel or bow to them. True we see most of these brutes in blue attacking blacks but I have also seen my share of non blacks get beat down and killed. The best thing that happen to Ferguson when they started messing with them reporters and whites coming in who is about righting a wrong. It is and will always be an issue with the people of Ferguson if the police and city council do not get more diverse.

    We preach a democratic society that is supposed to be fair and just but when people see our law enforcement murdering young people they have a right to question our policies as a Nation. Let’s stop saying we're not Syria, Iran or Israel because in all reality we're no different in my eyes because we have became a police state. Anytime you can be pulled over, frisked, beaten, shot and then be charged with resisting arrest you tell me I'm wrong.

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