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    Posted August 17, 2014 by
    New Delhi, India

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    methods of Delhi rapists


    If any journalist wants to contact me to try and work out a plan that is safe enough for me but would get all gangsters mentioned in here, busted, I am all ears and prepared to help.


    This iIreport follows my previous one titled; drugged in Delhi , that describes I got drugged in my very first week in delhi yet escaped  extremely narrowly, by a miracle,  what usually follows



    I got drugged  because the hotelmanager had told me the cabdriver was safe, and the safe cabdriver took me to what he called a governmenet store, where any profit is given to the artsists.

    So I felt secure, accepted the tea that was offered  only to find out  they drugged me.


    This type of so called government stores are manned by  male vendors that are professionals in ripping tourists of.

    They ask 2900 for a Kurtha that will cost 250 on any market, sell viscose for silk  and are  very intimidating.

    These stores are located rather secludedly so not in or near a market, not as part of a market, they have (many stairs) and backrooms.


    Cabdrivers and guides  are paid commission to bring  tourists there and they do so as abundantly as possible, or even impossible, with their eyes solely and exclusively on the money.

    Those drivers will even do that if you protest, decidedly tell them to stop doing that,  no matter what you say or do, they want the money

    And will make you pay mileage and hours for your own kidnapping as well.

    They will even lie this time they take you to a completely different kind of shop, but that will not be the case.


    If you are a woman alone, or are accompanied by a child or an elderly man, you are in great danger in most of these shops, no matter how ugly or old you are.

    They will offer you tea, food, something else to drink, anything to eat  or drink, and WHAT THEY OFFER YOU WILL BE LACED WITH SEDATIVES.


    Once you have been drugged like I was, and scared like me and trauamtized, it will not even be possible to eat or drink anything offered or bought that is prepared by someone else.

    But even when you know they will try and drug you with tea, and will refuse it, that does not mean you are safe !!!!

    You should not have gotten in there, but when you did, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN.  nothing else you can do.



    Here is what happened to me in another shop;

    allthough the cabdriver I was told was safe lied he would take me to a crowded market, as I had asked him to do,  yet again he took me to a cage with appr 20 animals in it , so a tourist ripp of store.


    The jewelry vendor felt I was unhappy, he got that right as I wanted out immediately, and to make me feel better, he offered me tea.

    NO TEA !

    Another vendor that was presented to me a s a famous Indian singer, tried to sell me a saree for 6000 rupees ( 600 in any market).

    I pretended to have already spend my budget for that day and had no money.

    That was not a problem, he would take whatever was available, the cabdriver would match the difference, and he trusted the cabdriver, I could later pay the cabdriver, who had already pulled his wallet with an abnormal amount of cash.

    If then and there he gets all the money he wants, then how is it relevant he trusts the cabriver?

    NO DEAL !


    Till now I believed the cabdriver was just trying to get his commission and was not in on it, but at this point I realized the cabdriver  knew them a bit too well, and   it flashed back that the first thing he asked me when picking me up from the airport was; How old are you? 


    Yet againn I  told the driver  I wanted out when the jewelry vendor waltzed back in the picture and said;
    Look the cabdriver is having tea, why don’t you have some as well.
    NO, I said repeatedly,


    When the jewelry vendor said I was insulting his Indian hospitality by not accepting the fabulous tea he offered,  I decided it was time to bolt and did so.
    Not a good idea, outside of the shop; all loitering men, but also a guard that kept them at bay just long enough for the cabdriver to show
    He tried to talk me back inside, and buy a small thing, but there was no way I would get back in , ever.


    By now it was irrelevant whether or not he was in on it, because I felt his greed had done enough damage already and would keep doing more if ever I gave him that chance.

    So I would not ever get back in his cab as he had me  almost gangraped and killed twice already. Even I finally understood he kept putting me in harms way. and would not ever stop doing that as he wants the easy money,  no matter how he got it.




    I wanted to give myself and Delhi a chance to at least a few nicer experiences that  where the actual goal of my trip, and went shopping and sightseeing with female drivers, shopped, saw sights, felt safe and happy..
    But that did not last.


    1 week later the cabdriver  showed up at the hotel and he asked when I was going to hospital.

    just a few seconds after he had made me pay 800 in stead of the 400 that I still owed him, how stupid is this guy???

    Obviously the aggressive vendors had offered him a considerable amount of money to get me there, (paying for my onw kidnap no doubt, hellbound on getting the Judas commission as well,) where they will most likely skip the tea ceremony  and get right down to bussiness.


    While I was processing all of this, the hotelmanager came by and told him to not bring me to those shops  with aggressive vendors,  as I had asked him to do previously, besides I was now driving with ladycabs.
    Ladycabs? Yes ladycabs.


    The  cabdriver got angry because he saw the considerable amount of easy money go up in smoke, and as soon as the manager had left,

    ordered me to  to drive with anyone else but him

    and yelled at hotel reception to not call any other cab for me but his.

    Obviously what the manager said did not make much of an impression either, his idea; WHY DOESN_T THAT BITCH GET IN MY CAR, I WANT THAT MONEY

    I could not believe my ears and eyes!
    What???!! a sleazeball cabdriver feels entitled to order me around?!?!?

    Yes, In India as a rule even a guy from the lowest caste will decide for any women, who seem to be out casts


    Naturally since I am not an Indian woman but a western one, I ignored his orders and am still driving  shopping and seeing sights with ladycabs.

    Hope to not ever have to lay eyes on that sleezeball again


    Though Delhi has it's  gems has even it's nice men and  is interesting,
    that does NOT mean I would recommend this city to come to as a women alone, because you will find yourself in a warzone,

    where it can even be unsafe to get a cab to go to hospital when in high fever due to pneumonia

    where every activity has to be planned so carefully and elaborately that many of your plans will fall  through

    and where you will be left very alone if something bad happens to you, even minor things , as there will be no one to talk to, to support you, or even understand you

    This remains a city to avoid at all cost when you are a single woman, there are many, many  nicer and safer places to go to !!!

    Spare yourself the hassle and any trauma like mine, I still have nightmares where in the weirdest of situations ugly, mean looking  Indian men pop up and try to kill me, and make me wake up screaming..

    They intrude in almost every dream, even when I am in my own garden back home,


    Picture shows my first safe steps in Delhi, albeit rickshaw wise .

    Loved the experience at Chandni Chowk

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