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    What is our objective in Iraq and Afghanistan... it was to be rid of the terrorists of the Taliban and the Al Qaeda.  Yet we still have not found closure... as a matter of fact (although not on the home front) the wars have escalated into slaughtering's of innocent factions, not unlike the World Trade Center and 3,000 helpless victims.  So how will we find closure?  Sanctions and not battles used to work as found with South Africa and Nelson Mandela, North Korea and nukes and now with Russia verse (at least) the Ukraine.  This is what we need to continue to do.  Violent acts make us none different than the heathen and I'm sure if we meditated on it we and the president would be appalled by tit for tat embattlements that immerses in bitterness of lives lost.  Who is funding the conclave of terrorists needs to be punished, while our battles exacerbate creating enemies of the military in foreign lands.  Some of these sicko sheiks and clerics must be cackling all the way to hell as evil bastards.  It was not long ago we had Hitler and Mengele experiments.  From our Bible we get the insane Herod the First and his counterpart Herod II whom did heinous things to infants and martyrs of thee era of Christ and spiritual enlightenment.  Even our Lord and Savior was crucified, the Son of God; out of the jealousy of Sheikdom wanting absolute power.  So you see it only takes a few in the name of religion to mesmerize the masses to do their bidding, like Hirohito and Kamikazes being suicide bombers at Pearl Harbor.  This also occurred in Mexico's basketball games and being beheaded as an honor to the King.  As also the "pride" of Herod II by promise gave way to severing the head of John the Baptist.  These real power brokers need to be sought, lest we end up with another Jeffrey Curley case scenario by an International Porno Ring aka: The Islam State or Sheiks.   The fact is equality is about to burst open like four and twenty blackbirds sitting in a pie and "they'll" have none to submit to menial labor for low wages, lest our children perish.  You see Mr. President: College does guarantee higher wages, but by a pyramid scheme, of how many underlings "middle management" get to work under the them and the college boys get a cut of the working class income.  Forty hours is forty hours and working verse thinking is a hard labor and pencil-pushing is tiddlywinks.  Commander in Chief - wouldn't you agree that soldiers soldier's get paid more the "bachelors" using psychology on you?  Ha!  I said: on you!   Dissertation created during wartime: August 17th 2014  Print and Archive.  Amen   From the desk of: David M Pedjoe pmpbroadcasting@outlook.com 1-774-243-6573 http://www.electrogarden.com/music/egn/Not-Available/

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