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    Posted August 17, 2014 by
    Itu, Brazil

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    No water...no dignity


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     A prolonged drought in Brazil has left the people of Sao Paulo with a water shortage. MarhtaSLu has been documenting the shortage, rationing and subsequent protests since July.

    According to CNN's Shasta Darlington, who has been reporting on the issue since April, water levels are not yet at zero, but they're so low that pumps are needed to produce any water from the reservoirs: "Starting on August 15, the level of the second-biggest reservoir supplying Sao Paulo, Nazare Paulista, got so low it no longer flowed into system and they have had to start pumping the lake-bottom. It's not at zero or empty, but they had to start pumping it."

    "Rainy season starts in October and we will be squeaking by to get there," added Darlington.
    - rachel8, CNN iReport producer

    People of Itu, a historic municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil, are suffering from water shortages due to a severe drougth. Ten days ago the level of the water reservoir city has reached zero. The government of Sao Paulo is silent, the Mayor does not decree a state of emergency and the population is left without information. There is no emergency plan.
    First: Maria Isabel, 66, it is hard for her to fill them up with water.
    Second: this container shouldn't be reused but she has no alternative
    Third: not a single drop of water
    Fourfht: now she has water because after 15 days a water trunck has passed 2 days before I was there...she is afraid to spend it because she doesn't know when it will return.
    Fifht: Ivone had to buy this water boxes…spent US$ 480.00 to be paid in 10x but doesn't now how she will pay.
    Sixth:She tries to sve water anywhere.
    Seventh:I feel humiliated.
    Eight:Simone is taking her clothes to be washed at a parent's house.
    Ninth:People have to go to the water spout to get some water…what about the one's without a car?
    Tenth: They are stong to do it…and what about the elderly or sick one's?
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