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    Avon Park, Florida
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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

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    Michael Brown's Autopsy Confirms Two to the Head


    Michael Brown's Autopsy Concerns Two to the Head


    The second autopsy by the private sector by orders of the family lawyer was a wise decision, when you take into account the governance in Fergusson City, Missouri and the possibility of a cover up . It was established that Michael Brown was probably killed execution style and the goal should be to rectify the problem and not just place band aids on the symptoms or effects as a result of an unresolved bigger problem. They cannot justify this, two shots to the head, after four in his arm and never even using a taser gun to try to stop him if he needed stopping and supposedly he Darren Wilson the officer was so well trained by the Missouri Department of Public Safety. Or is this qualification just used as a means to blackout potential black officers candidates. This makes no sense, unless it was a straight out hit on that boy!


    I think the shooting of Michael Brown was an effect of deeper problem. We are talking about a city that for almost 100 years after being established in 1894 had no black population and in the last 40-50 years became 70% black. Yet the governance consist of only one black person in the whole city in the city council among 5 other whites meaning that vote is being suppressed and is only symbolic.


    The voting system further discriminates against black people, because of this there are no black representation in the school board, whereby the schools are not serving the people as they are losing their accreditation. Note the school where Michael Brown graduated lost its accreditation . Meanwhile only 10% of the adult population is registered to vote. Sad! 80% of the adult population has a high school diploma with 14% unemployment while redevelopment is in the works for tat area. 80% high school grads is high in 2014 for a population dominated by black people and the 14% unemployment is probably triple that for blacks there. And it is obvious they are learning little due to the political landscape there, due to some type disfranchisement that is systematic and must be addressed. This might call for Federal oversight.


    It is sad how these black folks are still protesting on the streets, getting shot at like rioters, whereby the only way to gain justice is by self determination. They have to become politically involved to change how things are being run in that city and how they are being treated. They cannot depend on the media to show the world how they are being mistreated, but must force politicians to take an interest and how is this to be done?


    They need to address the voting system and until they as a community of people register to vote they have no voice on the issue or any issue, to include Michael Brown's death and the justice they want to get in return. Politicians help voters that is the bottom line, because they need votes to stay in office. This is a local and national reality. And once or if black's in Fergusson City get a majority of seats in the city council, laws can be changed to address the many issues by drafting into and signing legislation, to enforce such changes such as how police are hired in the future and maybe firing a few white officers and/or replacing them with black officers to address the disparity of employment that lacks black officers and civilian employees in law enforcement, which is really a nationwide issue.


    This battle will not be won on the streets, but can be won at the voting booths. And until they register to vote and announce their intentions of a citywide voters registration campaign to change this racist system of governance, the current controller of government there and everywhere will not take them seriously. Without a vote hey have no power to change anything or be taken seriously from outside politicians to include President Obama, none the less their Governor Jay Nixon, because everyone knows they cannot even vote.


    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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