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    How Many Fergusson Cities & The Abuse of State Rights

    How Many Fergusson Cities & The Abuse of State Rights

    By: Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

    The problem in Fergusson City is the system of governance is obviously corrupt. How can only 10% of the population represent all the voters in that City. Founded in 1894 and it was 99% white as early as 1970. Hell the Police Chief probably never even saw a black man until he was in high school. And what kid of black man will live under such conditions but servants.

    Today at about 65% black they have only one black official in the whole city, by having a symbolic seat in the City Council, no blacks on the board of education, 3 blacks out of 53 officers in the police department.

    Meanwhile you have Emerson Electric Company located there and company called Express Scripts, the nations largest pharmacy benefits management company who just announced a $56M expansion creating 1,500 new jobs, is right outside Fergusson City.

    Yet the unemployment rate is very high for all at about 14% and we can see blacks are blacked out of government employment and I bet there is discrimination in the whole system of employment and as always in the private sector, but all the way up to Workforce Agency or whatever government employment agency the FEDS are funding there. Meaning I speculate unemployment is three times as high among blacks in Fergusson City.

    The school that Michael Johnson graduated from lost its accreditation and like I said not even one black person is on the Board of Education there. While there is a high school graduation rate of 80% in Fergusson City, it seems to have a high rate of illiteracy based on the political landscape

    Black people have no say, because they do not vote. Why? This is a federal issue. You check, but I think it is the 3rd congressional district control by a Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer.

    I fund this to be suspicious. While only 10% of the population is registered to vote, when you go to the Fergusson City Clerk Website , you will finds that to get what should be public information, you must call and request this information, that should be posted. Things like the party affiliations such as democrat or republican, such be made known to everyone, this like how many people are registered such be posted as well as elections data. This is a different form of disenfranchisement. And it seems to go all the way up to the third congressional district held by a republican. For this continue is to his benefit, because it is this electorate that place him into office.

    This is a clear cut example of the abuse of state rights by republicans to oppress black people. I think a federal investigation should begin as a result of what is happening in Fergusson City. They must understand they will never truly get justice until the system of governance is amended.

    How many Fergusson Cities exist around the United States, whereby republicans abuse States rights as a means to stay in power.

    Rev. Frank Paul Jones aka Apostle Paul Castellano

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