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    Posted August 18, 2014 by
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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

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    It will be a miracle and a testament to CNN if this happens to make their website. If not, I'm already ctrl cving this opion as it materializes.


    First, the latest article I saw on CNN was entitled, "Protesters hit with a rubber bullet"...


    Before I attack the title, I'd like to chime in with a direct line, which I will paraphrase as close to verbatum as possible, from the article.


    Case in point. "As protesters approached aka marched towards the police, officers retaliated with tear gas, and one protester was "struck" with a rubber bullet.


    That's enough to make me flip out as it is - first protesters "approached" which somehow justifies tear gas and rubber bullets? Note to self the next time I get pulled over, surely that cop will know to be aware that I have the right to "strike" him or her with a rubber bullet, and unleash clouds of tear gas upon them.


    Secondly, since when is the liberal media playing down projectiles fired from a weapon at another human being? Seriously CNN, "struck" is not the word when describing a person being subjected to any sort of bullet. The word is still, say it with me, "shot"!


    The downplaying of the militarized police force should not be tolerated at this point. The lies and false promises perpetuated by theae last two regimes should not be trusted. Action needs to be taken, and police need to be held accountable for the actions as a citizen or civlian would. No municipal immunity, and certainly no justification should be allowed the police in simply opening fire on a crowd of the very people they claim to serve and protect.


    This should not be about race, it should be about humanity. When the blind are led by the blind the tyrannical can write their version of the truth, however when truth and morals provide good people guidance, their eyes open to the injustice and history can be rewritten and save us the burden of repeating past mistakes in the future.


    Good luck to us all and my heart and thoughts go out to the victims.

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