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    Posted August 18, 2014 by
    Houston, Texas
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    Protests around the world

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    America & Nations Preachers & Leaders:

    A Word From Your Church & Nations Apostle:

    Minister James Winfree Sr,

    On My Kingdom Watch!!!

    These are the days of God's Kingdom glory. Is it not written that He must bring many sons and daughters into glory? If I bring My sons forth in the power of My glory, will it not become the day of My power in which all the work of the enemy is destroyed under your feet? It is not only written, but it has been prophesied that I am doing a new thing in My Kingdom. I am bringing forth extraordinary power, the power of deliverance Yes stop the killings, the hating, the evil, the power of the word of truth, and the power of prophecy to loose the captives and bring forth a completeness within the Kingdom of My Son Jesus Christ. Have you not been translated from the world into the kingdom of My Son, into the Kingdom of My glory, the Kingdom of My righteousness, the Kingdom of Christ holiness? I say arise, people, put off this darkness. Cast off this oppression and walk out into the glory. I am now lifting you up. It is the time. the day, and I must come to lift you up into My presence that all things might be fulfilled, that the Kingdoms of the world will become My kingdom God's Word says. You say, how will it become Your Kingdom? Because My sons and daughters of glory will goes forth marching in the Spirit of Love, Unity and Equality, wielding the sword of the spirit and taking dominion over all the works of darkness, and the captives will be set Free. Rise up, those who are bound, and shake off the dust of defilement. Rise up, those who are discouraged, and walk forth in the power of My presence God says. Have I not spoken and said that the good work in you which I have begun I will, by Myself, bring to a place of completion. Will I not deliver those who are Mine in the Nations? Will I not heal those who are Mine in America? Will I not give a prophetic word to those who are Mine in My Household of faith? Will the truth and the power of the truth be found in your leaders that are yielded to Me? Say YES! For, this is the day of My power, and it is now coming to pass in these that I bring to a position of boldness. I am loosing Holy Ghost boldness that you will go forth and have the victory over the enemy in America and the Nations. Are you not tired of being defeated by the enemy My chosen people? Is it not written that I will always cause you to triumph through Christ Jesus. Therefore, you must go from victory to victory. You will move from faith to faith and go from victory to victory. Break out, I say. I Am The Lord of the Break Out, The Lord of the Break Through. Break out of the position of darkness and the spirit of bondage, and loose yourselves and walk in the glory of these days. Preachers My chosen ones are leaving your human built buildings Now!!!

    These are dangerous days because I am compelling My people, and what will be the results of their lives if they do not hearken unto My Spirit which is given to say: Come out from among them and be you separate My true Church. Touch not the unclean thing. Drink not from the cup of demons or feed at their table. Compromise has washed through your money, pleasures fake leaders. Compromise will brings weakness. Compromise will brings sickness. Compromise will brings bondage. Now is the hour and season of biblical truth. Now is the hour and day in which I require righteousness. Stop watering down the word Preachers!!!. Stop moving in a position of compromise Preachers!!!!. Stop being timid Preachers!!!!. Be bold and strong in your Lord, who will manifest Himself in you My chosen people the loving and living Church, the bride. In Christ Jesus. Amen.

    Let's Follow Jesus Christ Together In God's Love!!!
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