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    Posted August 19, 2014 by
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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

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    White guy killed by black woman never charged, blacks blame HIM!

    A very talented popular musician, and really nice guy, was run down on the sidewalk while standing in a group of friends.

    He was white, the girl was black. She didn't have a license. Her boyfriend was teaching her how to drive on a city street. She was driving her boyfriends wife's new truck, without a license.

    She never got arrested. But worse?

    The black folks in the neighborhood tried to blame Billy! He was leaning against a building ON THE SIDEWALK! She hit the gas instead of the brake, into a crowd of people, injuring 2.

    Of course black people NEVER do anything wrong. It's always someone else's fault, never theirs.

    Whites didn't protest, or loot their own neighborhoods.

    When I was growing up in a white neighborhood. If a kid got in trouble, the kid was blamed, the kid got in trouble, our parents never blamed the cops or everyone else.

    I'm sorry if they get profiled by the cops, but no blacks commit crimes that start the profiling? I guess they just profile them for the heck of it.

    I can't stand to hear about Travon Martin. The kid was hitting a guys head into the sidewalk when he got shot.

    What's going to be important is the way Michael Brown came back in that conveninece store and went after the store owner.

    He punched the cop and came back at him? Just like he shoved the store owner and came back at him.

    I was completely on Michael Brown's side when this started. I thought he probably punched the cop and then the cop overreacted. A black person would never even consider the white persons side. NEVER.

    I dare CNN to ask some of those protestors, if it's shown that Michael Brown did something wrong will you admit that?

    Yeah, Billy Ding (William Moss) Yeah it was "his fault," "he was drunk" He was STANDING ON THE SIDEWALK.

    Black folks never do anything wrong. It's always someone else's fault.

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