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    a plan for immigration.

    The choice is clear we deport anyone we catch or we dont. I would create a law that gives legal status to those millions of people are allready here. With the stipulation that they never get to run in any elections or hold any governmental possition or post. The would be allowed a vote for thier localleaders but not a mayor or governor. Fines would be counterproductive to impose on them immediately, however paying an extra percentage or small flat fee annually untill the "debt" is paid. Adding a small percentage increase on everyone and retaining as little as twenty bucks from even our poorest citezensthrough taxes instead of giving every penny back. And percentage wise the rich pay far less in taxes than do we. The trickle down methods and theories have not worked for some time now and big business got huge. The large corporate bonus checks for the chiefs would be one thing if they invested it in the community or infrastrucure, but they squirrel it away not doing any good with it. The amount of money we should tax our athletes and proformers should go up and directly use the proceeds to reinvest in the cities school systems. Protecting the American citezens that are here now legally from being out populated by a determined invasion from our Central, and South American neighbors. We can not, and should not send them all back but we limit forever there heritable condition of leagal status. This would give voice back to those who are the people of America and not to those who happen to be lucky enough to have got here. This would give our country back its middle class. For the status of those legal immigrants will instantly improve by providing a lower class to a country whose class structure is messed up. Race has nothing to do with this class structure it is education that determines class and we should require more from parents who have school children. From longer hours at school to improved curriculm on energy and matter as it relates to space travel and colonization, with drastic cuts in emissions,and or carbon scrubbing technology. Figuring outhow to negate nuclear exchanges through energy sciences. Supplying energy for the future will lead to neutralization of nukes. Ultimately give those illegals a chance to go back home to fight against the cartels and provide real security in wich business can grow. The world is full!!! We need to find another unpopulated planet to move our masses too. In the mean time protecting that America wich leads to the proliferation of technology and the betterment of mankind. One of the good parts to having an all powerfull emporer or king is that they usually make decisions that are good for the nation state and may not be all that ppopular but still gets done. Imagine if we build our roads from stone cut and quarried by the unemployed and all federal and municipal buildings were built of stone. Our eating through the oil recourse that tar consists of would provide future generations oil to make plastics with,wich willbe the greatest need for mankind to begin the colonization of other planets with little robots and 3-D printers to pave the way for us to follow up. Those future generations might be scratching thier heads as to why we chose to just burn all the oil. How dumb is that? Same as letting ourselves be out populated by an agressive squatter nation.
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