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    Posted August 19, 2014 by
    Ferguson, Missouri
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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Florissant native Jo Holbrook spent eight hours protesting on West Florissant Street in Ferguson on Monday and she went out to protest again on Tuesday. But each night she stays off the streets, avoiding the chaos of the often-violent protests. Her reason for sharing her story of the daytime protests is simple: "I'm in it to show the world what they really don't get to see. Those are a few hours at night -- that's not the way it really is,” said Holbrook, who now lives in Orlando, Florida.

    “Because I'm out there on West Florissant, the world thinks I'm an animal, but they're not hearing my voice."

    While the violent night protests get the attention on the news, she said, there are plenty of people protesting peacefully during the daytime. Those people are making a difference, not the troublemakers. “It needs to get better. It's not a color issue,” she said. “It's a people problem. But in St. Louis, it's a race and people problem."
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    I spent the whole day on West Florissant. A place where I grew up.  I walked for my black husband, my black brothers, my black people. I  walked for PEOPLE. Color only matters in places like St. Louis. Today it  mattered for the right reason. I cried with crying strangers.  McDonald's and the Ferguson Market were most accommodating and the  Ferguson Market has NO FRONT WINDOWS, but smiles on their face and  welcoming everyone in. a 13 year old boy was out there ALONE, his  father, incarcerated, his mother in another state and his grandmother at  home, he felt drawn and we marched with HIM! He spoke of our history as  if he was there and he wants to be our future. I was and am peaceful, I  walked peacefully and I spoke with other peaceful yet fed up people of  this city! Every time our feet would stop moving an officer was there to  tell us to keep walking, we attempted to pray as a group and was told  to pray somewhere else. I have stood on W. FLorissant in the 80 and in  the 90's and only be looked at suspicious by law enforcement but today, I  am not even allowed to stand and ask for fairness. Today I am not  "allowed" to voice my right to ask for equal justice from HUMAN TO  HUMAN. Police Officer, young black man, they are HUMANS, they should  have both been treated as human. If so one would not have been gunned  down in a rage shooting and the other should not be afraid of his own  system and be booked and charged as any other human would be. All we as  for is fair, just be fair. Show the truth, know the truth, allow me to  show you because I am Ferguson

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