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    Posted August 19, 2014 by
    Boca Raton, Florida
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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

    Ferguson Fury

    I come to CNN iReport, to express my own personal opinion with respects to the Ferguson explosion of emotions/riots/chaos. I have come to grow up in a world where someone's personal life is very public due to social media, personal cell phone coverage and everyone wanting their "15 minutes" of fame. This situation has existed in the history of America for centuries, and now because people pull out their cell phones and feel they are victims and advocates and journalists, cities come to fight laws and rules. School has been postponed which is detrimental to those children because people have taken this situation personally. This is when people need to step back and realize this happened between one officer and one man. For a judge, a jury and each attorney to fight out in court, not for people to become animals in the streets. It's disgusting how this world has evolved. More advancements in technology but a step back for man kind. innocent until proven guilty, is our country's motto. So, let the truth come out, and let the judicial system do it's job. People need to stop being so violent, lashing out for an accident they weren't a part of, didn't know the people involved. They both could have been sons, brothers, fathers, husbands, hard workers, etc... but no one listens everyone just jumps to conclusions. There needs to be more laws not allowing people to be so irrational and just let it run it's course. And, furthermore, if Brown was pushing the cop down and his gun did go off, of course he would be shot in his head, imagine a bull running towards you, head down and 300 lbs of full force, aggression and speed. Just the media, the people and politics need to step back and let those involved deal with the accident at hand as all other trials have taken place. People need to go back to school and grow up. This is exhausting as a country, community and an example of us as individuals.
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