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    Posted August 20, 2014 by
    New Jersey
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    The Real Problem with Ferguson


    A new shooting. The same story.


    It seems every time we turn on the television that there is another instance of racial discrimination by the police in America. In the case of Trayvon Martin it was a member of the neighborhood watch, but the idea is the same. Another young African American life cut short by a country still corrupted by racial divides. That is the news bulletin we all see, hear, and react to.


    Many people in the African American community and even outside of it were enraged when Michael Brown's death was first brought to light. It was an all too familiar scene with the NAACP rushing to denounce the killing of this young man and excessive force of yet another white police officer. Now a week later another story has emerged, one where Darren Wilson (the officer identified as the one who shot Brown) was much less of the aggressor he was painted to be. The truth at this point, however, is we have no idea what happened.


    Nobody knows the truth of what happened at this point except for two people, one of whom will never be able to tell his story. Everybody has formed an opinion on an incident that has not even had the time to be fully investigated. There have been hackers that have threatened to release the private information of police. The NAACP screaming racial injustice. Whites blaming blacks. Blacks blaming whites. All this time being manipulated by the media.


    At this point in our civilization, all I have to say is we should be ashamed of ourselves. Who are we to judge and raise our voices at one another when the truth is we know nothing. There have been funds set up for both Michael Brown and Darren Wilson; each of which has received thousands of dollars. One of them is giving money to someone who simply isn't innocent. How can we as people go so far and be so adamant about something we know so little about? Who are we as a society to not be infuriated at the media when they sensationalize stories into racial tensions (that cause very real consequences) before the time is taken to investigate what really happened?


    As powerful as the media, or any institution is, it is we the people that give them their power. We believe we have come so far from our predecessors, but the truth is in some regards we are no better. It is time to have our voices heard, and not for Michael Brown or Darren Wilson. We need to denounce the media repeatedly biasing stories before the facts are out. We need to denounce high profile groups such as the NAACP that rushed to the aid of Michael Brown when he may not have been the so innocent. We need to denounce the scores of people that have used this tragedy to create racial tension before an investigation has even been completed.


    This may be the tragic taking of an innocent young African American by an aggressive police officer. This may be a police officer who has been wrongly accused of racial prejudice. We simply don't know enough at this point. There is nothing wrong with raising your voice and raising it loudly for what you believe is right. But before we do, we better make sure we know what's going on.


    We the people need to take a step back and be upset with what is truly wrong right now with the Michael Brown incident, and that's us.

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