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    Posted August 20, 2014 by
    AKWETE, Nigeria



    The attention of the Diocesan Board and the entire congregation of the Diocese of Ukwa (Anglican Communion) have been drawn to the numerous publications making the rounds including those posted in the internet via CNN iReport and those littering the roads in UKWALAND and elsewhere and more recently at the ANGLICAN RETREAT CENTRE, AGBARHA-OTOR pertaining to and concerning the person and office of the Bishop of the Diocese of Ukwa, Rt Revd. Dr. Samuel Kelechi Eze, the Anglican Communion in the Diocese of Ukwa and the entire people of Ukwaland by the non-existent, faceless and pseudo "Ukwa Anglican Forum".
    The said publications painted the Bishop and the Diocese of Ukwa as corrupt, fraudulent, inept, nepotic and wicked with some of the publications threatening to blackmail the Bishop of immoral conducts and some others calling for his (the bishop of Ukwa) translation to another diocese and for the translation of the Bishop of Isiukwuato/Umunneochi Diocese, Rt. Rev Mannesses Okere, to the Diocese of Ukwa.
    For the avoidance of doubt, these publications are false, malicious, libelous, mischievous and devilish and intended to tarnish the good image and reputation of the Bishop, Rt Rev. Dr Samuel Kelechi Eze and to portray the Diocese of Ukwa and the entire people of Ukwaland as dishonourable and ungodly people lacking in the fear of God, respect for dignity of the person and office of the Bishop, the sanctity of the throne of St. Peter to which the Bishop is a successor, the ecumenism and the universal belief in the one supreme God.

    The Diocesan Board on behalf of the synod and the entire people of God in the Diocese of Ukwa (Anglican Communion) hereby unequivocally condemn in the strongest terms ever these devilish, unwarranted and unprovoked publications coming from the pit of hell and declare that the Diocesan Board never and did not authorize the publications thereof.

    The Diocesan Board also hereby calls on whosoever who have so far made himself/herself/themselves instruments of the devil in commission of these heinous crimes against the Bishop and the people of God in Ukwaland including the Fictitious Sir Emeka Eze (JP) the cordinator of the nonexistent, faceless and pseudo Ukwa Anglican Forum, to desist forth with from this path of self destruction and repent and ask for forgiveness from the Bishop and from God, failing which the wrath of God will befall him/them. Hear the word of God "touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm" (psalm 105:15).

    The Diocesan Board of Diocese of Ukwa (Anglican Communion) hereby re-affirm our acceptance and support for our Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Kelechi Eze and hereby pass a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE on him and urge the bishop not to be deterred by these evil machinations of the ungodly but to forge ahead as God is his protector.

    The Diocesan Board also call on the Primate of All Nigeria (Anglican Communion), the Archbishops of the provinces, the bishops of the various Dioceses, the clergy and laity of the church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) as well as all well meaning Christians in the ecumenism and all children of God to disregard and discountenance these publications and to join forces with the Diocese of Ukwa to pray that whosoever are the perpetrators of these evil acts would repent or face the wrath of God.

    in God we trust and God will vindicate the Just.


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