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    Chemicals: What are Your Options When Maintaining Your Swimming Pool?


    As you are no doubt already aware, regularly maintaining chemical levels in your swimming pool plays a vital role in ensuring that your pool remains in optimum condition.


    Getting the chemical balance wrong or simply forgetting to treat your pool chemically can have disastrous consequences for the quality of your water, not to mention your health.


    The risks of poor chemical maintenance


    If you don’t book your swimming pool in for regular servicing, which generally includes pool chemical treatment by a professional pool maintenance expert, then you are leaving yourself exposed to a variety of problems. The most common include:


    Cloudy water. If you fail to balance your water successfully, this can result in your swimming pool taking on a cloudy appearance; not exactly an enticing prospect to dive into on a hot day!


    Damage to equipment. Improperly treated water can have a dramatic adverse effect on your swimming pool equipment, causing rust, erosion and ultimately, complete failure of vital parts of your filtration system.


    Disease. Most alarmingly, if your pool is not properly treated with the right chemicals, it can become a breeding ground for disease. Pathogens, such as harmful bacteria, excel in watery conditions, and without appropriate chemicals to kill them off, they travel easily into the system of any person using the pool at the time.

    Swimming pool chemical maintenance: The options available


    As a swimming pool owner, you do of course have the option of maintaining the pool for yourself. However, this can be a risky business, especially where chemicals are involved, and it’s highly advisable to leave these vital maintenance tasks in the hands of a professional.


    Most swimming pool maintenance services will offer a range of regular chemical treatments for your pool, from basic care to fully comprehensive chemical protection. Here are a few of the likely options that you’ll be presented with.


    Basic chemical treatment. A very basic chemical treatment is likely to only be suitable for pools not in regular use, such as in houses currently for sale. The basic chemical treatment is likely to focus solely on maintaining clarity of water and preserving the blue color.


    Standard chemical treatment. A standard chemical treatment is a suitable option for those who have their own chlorine generator. This chemical service will provide all the necessary chemicals to maintain the swimming pool throughout the year and is likely to include cleaning.


    Premium chemical treatment. A premium chemical treatment will not only focus on providing all the necessary chemicals to protect against bacteria, damage and clouding but will also focus in enhancing the swimming experience, improving the feel of the water and providing optimum conditions for swimming.


    Whatever option you decide to take, it’s really important to ensure that you treat your swimming pool with the right chemicals regularly. Many pool maintenance services will offer regular chemical treatments, with cleaning, to keep your swimming pool in the best possible condition.

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