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    Moving Home? Top Packing Tips to Protect Your Belongings and Take the Stress Out of Moving House

    The stress involved with moving house is fairly well publicized. In fact, according to research, it’s ranked up there in the top five most stressful life situations, along with death, divorce and major illness.

    However, if the process of moving home is undertaken properly, with an appropriate level of planning and preparation in place, then there is absolutely no reason at all why your moving day shouldn’t be a relatively hassle-free event.

    One of the most nerve-shredding aspects of moving home is the prospect of packaging up an entire home’s worth of belongings. Here are just a few top tips to make life considerably easier when preparing for a new life in another house.
    Top tips to ensure that packing your belongings for your house move is as stress-free as possible.

    1. Have a clear out. In the weeks leading up to your move, it makes real sense to sort through your belongings and identify items that you no longer want. Sort them into piles; items that can be sold on, items to take to charity stores, and items that are destined for the garbage can!

    2. Create a list. Take an evening to walk from room to room in your home, writing a rough list of your belongings, and highlighting any that may require extra attention when packing, such as delicate or awkward to move items. This will help you to work out how many boxes you need, and also to get an idea of other materials you might require, such as bubble wrap and extra large containers.

    3. Don’t overfill. When packing your boxes, avoid the temptation to simply stuff as many items as possible into a large box. The result of this? An extremely heavy box that is likely to burst apart at the bottom the very moment you manage to finally pick it up off the floor! Instead, pack cleverly. Mix and match weights, with an even balance of light and heavy items in each box.

    4. Label your boxes by room and item. At the very least, remember to label your boxes by room, as this will help you sort out your possessions when you arrive in your new home. You can make your life even easier by writing a quick list of the items inside the box, though this isn’t essential.

    5. Make an ‘arrival’ box. When you arrive in your new house, you’re unlikely to want to launch straight into the task of unpacking, and are rather more likely to want to relax for a while (with a glass of wine in hand!). Prepare a special box that has basic essential items in it, such as toilet roll, a few glasses, cutlery and plates, to give yourself the chance to relax and unwind before getting stuck into the task of placing your possessions in your new home.

    Of course, if the idea of packing is enough to bring you out in a cold sweat, then fortunately, there are companies who offer a packing service in addition to moving your belongings, which makes life considerably easier!
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