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    Achieving Natural Balance: Treating Digestive Disorders and Other Issues by Balancing pH Levels Within the Body


    In recent years, the term pH balance is becoming increasingly more widely used across the US, although many people may still only have a vague concept of what it is, thanks largely to their high school chemistry classes!

    However, pH balancing is gradually becoming a health concept that packs a serious punch, and rightly so. Focusing on restoring natural harmony to the digestive system, and in turn, the entire body; pH balancing addresses the problem of acid build-up and combats the negative side-effects associated with this.

    pH balancing: Why is it so important?

    It’s common knowledge that the average American diet isn’t the best. Unfortunately, many of the foods that are consumed in abundance by a significant proportion of the population are also acid-forming, which can play havoc with the digestive system and other areas of the body.

    Taking a pH balancing supplement, or, of course, changing your diet radically to include acid-reducing foods such as green, leafy vegetables and fruit, naturally restores order to the gut and other areas, and improves general health exponentially; in particular, easing the symptoms of IBS, heartburn and acid reflux.

    How do you know if your gut is acidic?

    The simplest way to test if you’re suffering with an acid imbalance is to test yourself. You can purchase pH testing kits online, which will provide an accurate assessment of your pH levels, by taking measurements from either your urine or saliva.

    Taken over the course of a week, if you discover at the end of the testing period that your pH levels are unbalanced, then it’s probably time to assess your diet and to work out a strategy for improving your health.

    Get informed…

    Before embarking on any radical diet plan, it’s important to do some research, as many foods that you might presume to be acidic are in fact alkaline forming, and vice versa!

    For example, a lemon, which many would perceive as a classically acidic fruit, is actually alkaline forming, because, as they are broken down in the gut, they provide alkaline mineral salt compounds to your system. Conversely, foods that we associate with being very bland and non-acidic, such as milk, are actually highly acid forming in the stomach.

    If you’re concerned about knowing what foods to eat in order to give balance back to your digestive system, then consider taking some pH balancing supplements, which will provide you with the necessary nutrients to return health to your gut.

    Listen to your body

    If you suspect that all is not well with your digestive system, then chances are, you’re right. It’s amazing how often humans are able to identify that ‘something isn’t quite right’ within their bodies, simply by acting on intuition and perception.

    If you’re suffering from any digestive complaints, such as IBS, constipation, painful tummy cramps or heartburn, then take it as a message from your body, and start to investigate the problem as soon as possible. Talk to your GP and look into testing the natural pH levels within your body.
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