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    Posted August 21, 2014 by
    Knoxville, Tennessee
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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

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    Governmental Tort Liability Laws Are The Root Cause Of The Police Brutality Increases


      In recent years there have been an alarming number of situations of police and government agencies violating civil and constitutional rights of it's citizens.


      This is primarily because this legislation passed in every state, allows for the abuse of powers and extremely limiting liability recourse and accountability.


      This is happening in every state and this is why we are seeing a dramatic increase in the brutality rates nationwide.


      Here is an example of the Tennessee Tort Liability law and the limitation it places on recovery and accountability.




      When a civilian files a complaint against a entity in state ran courts. A reviewing state judge will either dismiss the claim altogether or the judge will dismiss the state, municipality and or it's employees from the lawsuit even if the material evidence clearly implicates direct violation of state and federal laws.


      State judges and the police department get paid from the very same fund "General Fund" and a cause of action would penalize that fund by recoveries made on behalf of victims claiming liability actions.


      This highlights the fact that law enforcement and state legislation are conspiring to violate civilians rights and restricting recourse and recovery to victims and victims families when direct violations are proven beyond reasonable doubt.


      The other aspect of this is the costs involved to file a complaint in regards to hold the guilty accountable prior to having the claims dismissed prior to trial by the states reviewing judge. That is non-refundable when the claim is denied and or dismissed.


      This strikes a tone of superiority with government employees when they know that they will never be held accountable for not doing their obligated duties of their employment in state ran programs and agencies.


      The noncompliance in Tennessee of federal mandates is unbelievable. But the evidence proving the noncompliance in many state ran programs clearly shows violation after violation of federal mandates that regulate how states are to remain in compliance in order to continue to have a federal budget issued to the state if it remained in compliance.


      This is why the state GTLA reviewing judges dismiss claims filed against entities, employees and municipalities. Because of the penalties and reduction of the federal budget would ultimately affect directly the reviewing judges compensation and salary.


      Suppressing the violation information is the states form of job security. This has created a attitude of superiority among state employees and has created a lack of attention to detail for fulfilling the obligated duties of the employment.


      This is highlighted every now and then when a situation gives rise to the level of public demand of accountability. Sadly, there are many cases and situation that don't capture the publics interests and goes unnoticed. But that doesn't make them any more legal or morally right!


      These little known facts are exactly what has created the environment of police brutality and courts recklessly conspiring to commit common law conspiracies nationwide. These issues effect everything from child support and custody cases to wrongful deaths and brutality cases brought by civilian victims or surviving members seeking justice.


      The more that the public is educated to the root cause of these civil and constitutional rights violations by taxpayer paid state and local employees. The sooner that the problems and issues that are causing and fueling the unrest will be resolved.


      From the stories in the media like the Mike Browns wrongful death by police situation, the Knoxville college student choked while handcuffed incident and the man in Florida that was choked to death by numerous officers for suspicion of selling untaxed cigarettes and many many others. The people of this country have witnessed incompetence and have become completely outraged at the lack of accountability and repercussions from lawless state and local employees that openly assault civil and constitutional rights with no regard of being held accountable.


      The fact that petitions and protests have to draw attention to situations that would otherwise be swept under the rug and excused and or dismissed by state judges, costing the victims and families huge amounts of money, time and loss of life. Is absolutely ridiculous and is against public policy. The people / citizens have no voice when it comes to state legislation privately created and imposed on the public with little to no thought of ramifications on the public at large. These states that have drafted and imposed these Tort Liability acts, did no have the public's interests in mind when doing so.


      They was merely creating an environment of lawless for themselves as state employees while depriving the public at large the protection of law and order.


      I request the repeal of tort liability acts! There should not be limits set on accountability from private corporate entities or government officials.


      The lack of transparency is the leading cause of conflict between government and the population.



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