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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

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    Open Letter To Law Enforcement

    I sit here and watch all this drama and police shootings and I begin to wonder what happened to society as a whole.

    You being a police officer go to police training or police academy where you are trained to defend your personal space or surrounding with NON LETHAL force, you are trained in hand to hand combat and martial arts, also you do have pepper spray and also baton and also tazer on your personal toolbelt to use at your needs.

    As for the 2 shootings in missouri the past week I can see where humanity has changed for the worse. So lets say the person did try to struggle with you and did try to reach for your gun, YOU are in a vehicle where you can drive away and reposition yourself away from the situation and deal with the problem at hand, SHOOTING a person 6 times is a bit much i think even if he did invade your personal space.

    As for the shooting in saint louis well you have 2 officers, 1 crazy dude with a purported knife and he was walking towards you and both of you all unloaded on this person with a mental illness both of you should be charged with a crime, you could have done that a bit different i think taze him, tackle him, restrain him, hell shoot him in the balls with a rubber bullet or a stun gun, yet you unload bullets on him as well fatally killing the person...

    So what happened with police academy training? Are they training you to just kill without having the compassion and understanding that not everyone is mentally stable and might need to be restrained, has the generation of everyone having a gun (concealed or non-concealed) or the possible risk of having a gun, blurred your best judgement so it makes you as a officer just shoot first and ask questions later? I find it kind of sad since law enforcement used to be the person you would trust and want to come to the rescue if needed if something was wrong or well something was in process, but whats the purpose of it when there might be another shooting coming from a police officer, hell IF i had a mentally unstable relative and that possibly had a knife and the police had to be called I would rather the person be detained and sent to a mental hospital rather then being shot to death. It does not matter the color of the person they are still human beings, some of them are just not hard wired properly or possibly lacking on medication.

    AS for Chicago where i live, yes there is a lot of shootings mostly gangs / vs / gangs, however if a police officer does shoot someone here they usually are in a gun battle with a suspect and I can see the officer if they are having bullets fly by there heads to shoot a person to protect themselves and also people in the area around the issue.. But as for a police officer just shooting someone because someone might be CRAZY or well shooting someone because they might be a BIT BIGGER then you and you think they are trying to overpower you in a squad car when well frankly there is a thing called a gear shift where you can drive away to regain control of the issue or WAIT for backup i cannot see any police officer shooting someone more then 1 time, hell wound them, pop them in the butt, leg, arm but killing someone is a bit over rated....
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