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    Posted August 22, 2014 by

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    Tell Your Dream


    [Text edited by Leena Bulloch to support Matoluta Sanctuary in SL]


    I had a dream, and this dream came true.  You see, I -- the gardener -- was called today, early in the morning, just as the sun was waking up.  Phone calls at odd hours do not make one happy, but this one came from the Santorini Biennale.


    A visitor, who is also a planter had great news to tell—that tree number 314 had fully grown overnight, and is ready to be extracted and moved to the Dreamt Forest nearby.  The tree was too heavy for the little visitor, a lady from, let´s say, the “End of the Universe,” as she put it, “It´s not early in the morning here, I had just lunch and there is no sun, still foggy”.  So it must be a scary land where she lives.


    I knew that I had to move quickly, when my mobile sent me the message: “Gardener called at 178.249.xx.xx:9036 August, 22, 06.47 CET".


    I am sure you understand this notation.  Channel 9036 refers to the Santorini Biennale, and I was there in no time.  What I found out was breathtaking.  The tree had grown into a monster, and was fitting even for the Matoluta Sanctuary, a land donated to the preservation of the nearly extinct colonial horses; curated by Mz Marville and Urus Broono.  But it was meant for Dreamt Forest, the lady said.  I called a helper made for this land.  You might say I called a robot, as no human can handle such a monsterous tree.


    The helper (made by Uan Ceriaptrix) appeared, but “Oh, my prim!”, he was so small, a tiny edition, and no bigger than myself.  The lady gasped and laughed, “This tiny creature shall handle my tree? This helper looks so weak -- you need to call GROOT!”


    I replied, “No worries!  I have got powers to stretch him.  But when I fail, I might call GROOT from The Guardians of The Galaxy."


    She had no words on my reply, except for “Oh my God...”, followed by, “God power you got?”


    I nodded.


    So I stretched him, and the tools for his hard work; a spade and a shovel.  The lady was happy seeing her daily watering of the tree was done for a reason: to bring nature back to Earth, and bring the Dreamt Forest to life.



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