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    verizon fios customers experiencing odd outages in nyc, nj, baltimore, dc, dallas, florida, la, atlanta, n. carolina

    FiOS customers w/ odd outages in nyc, nj, baltimore, dc, dallas, florida, la, atlanta, n. carolina
    ‎08-22-2014 02:26 AM

    The problem is basically part of a larger more dramatic problem with Verizon's FiOS network. Did you have a server or website go away, and not come back for a while? Thanks to another network operator, I have been able to piece this all together, and it's not good for Verizon customers.

    The issue lies within a larger issue, apparently back in May, Cogent / L3 pushed a new routing table to all network operators / providers which accidentally exceeded the memory size footprint acceptable to most routers, causing a router meltdown and an alert from Cisco among other things. The same issues I was and still am experiencing with timeouts and fails on my traceroutes happened to people on nearly all Internet services, however most providers repaired their routing tables immediately. Apparently, large numbers of specifically FiOS / Verizon users, who live in several large geo-specific regions are still having severe and ongoing problems relating to the issue specifically –Baltimore, NYC, NJ, DC Metro, Los Angeles, Florida, Dallas, Atlanta and North Carolina.

    It seems that my ticketing the issue, helped Verizon to identify one of the affected routing issues within their own networking that was still un-repaired, that said the issue still was and is occurring on Verizon’s network. It has nothing to do with trace or latency or ftp timeout or my modem or whatever else – it’s basically that a large amount of routers on the FiOS network are experiencing routing issues, but Verizon doesn't know which routers need table updates, and which ones don't seemingly, and those routers being spread across the nation is another factor.

    The result of this problem, for me was I was being forced to wait, and wait, and wait until finally the network operation times out, hopefully bumping my IP transaction over to an unaffected router. Often, that did not happen - resulting in massive packet loss and minimally high latency time but more like total disapparance of an outside world - the internet.

    Now, I am debating if I want free and clear out of my FIOS contract, but I am worried about what happens if I cancel it because so far, Verizon support refuses to admit that they failed to provide me internet – I’ll end up in collections with a balance and it will be on my credit. Many people are locked in this situation, and because it’s a ridiculous situation to have a contract of service violated by the provider, we should all be allowed a legal out is my guess.

    It’s part of the larger Net Neutrality thing that Verizon probably does not wish to disclose that they've got a problem publicly to it’s customers - given ongoing support of anti-net neutrality, it looks really bad to me, that you support something in interest profit wise like market-value rates for faster speed of an IP transaction, meanwhile at the same time you know you’re failing to provide your customers internet access in many markets, much less internet at a speed acceptable to consider internet access at all.

    If you believe you are affected by the problem, please note the contact points I am providing: For Customer Service, Debbie Blong in Verizon Executive Customer Care at (855) 319-5955 extension 444-0620 and for support and ticketing of the issue please e-mail the hamptoncet@verizon.net - Make certain that you identify the issue as being related to issues ongoing with ALTER.NET - I note that your issue may or may not be ALTER.NET related ultimately so ask questions for a reply if you are unsure on determining if an issue you are having is this issue BEFORE you contact these people please - but I want Verizon support to be able to find a way to document all users reporting a problem finally and this helps Verizon.

    I received a partial credit for internet service for three months, I believe it should be more, but my concern is for everyone else too, it's crazy how big the brownout is compared to how many individuals are aware of it at all.
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