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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

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    the black narrative as an immigrant sees it


    Achebe made a comment - "until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter" - it is profound and African Amercians should try to understand it.


    Before anything else I must mention that I am baffled by how police treats and kills blacks in this country - then get away with murder but at the same time I am also baffled by the violence in black community and the strange gun laws which make the job of policing very difficult. Sometimes police take certain actions just out of fear because they do not know what guns the other side has.


    When I came to US I was not biased or racist but as I landed I saw a sea of divide - the blacks and the whites were oceans apart - people asked me about caste system in India but honestly in Indian cities the difference between the castes does not compare to this.


    I earned money and lived in happy places where we had happy white neighbors whose kids were aiming for success in various military academy or great Asian neighbors whose kids were aiming for MIT - but not too many black neighbors. I made money and more money but then I wanted to try an experiment -
    I moved to a much poorer neighbourhood with my wife and daughter when she was 4 months old. I wanted to give her a more diverse experience in life. I bought the house from an old African American lady and she lives in the same street - everyday we talk and she tells us about the neighborhood and the history.
    I meet a lot of african americans who are older and I have made a bunch of friends - they have been oppressed beyond belief but they have very little grudge - they like the fact that their efforts have made changes to the society and now it is more diverse.
    Then I meet the african ameriacn baby boomers - most of them have the same problem of the whites of their age and that is "consumption" which leads to debt - but a large section of them have disability which I did not see in my previous neighbourhood but I could never find what was the cause of the disability other than the fact that many of them are over weight. Their relationship with their kids were much different than their parents relationship with them because many of them were single.


    Finally there is the younger generation (generation X) and generation Y. They are all very angry - very angry - many of their culture is around hip-hop and rap which I was not too conversant with but their culture do have a lot of profanity and extreme disrespect for anybody who is not black. I am explaining my view and others may not agree with me. I found that this generation is profoundly racist. Many a times I do not understand what these kids say but they have an extreme disrespect for the society as a whole. There may be perfectly legitimate reasons for that. So the narrative on the other side also changes because whites do have guilt complex but we Asians and Hispanics do not have such guilt complex. So when we see the X and Y generation with such attitude our narrative also becomes colored and biased. (mostly like I pay for your entitlements so don;t so me that attitude) - in the mean time I have tried to take my daughter to various African American cultural points and churches - many of the experiences have been wonderful but again there are other examples which makes me wonder if this hate comes from the experience of seggregation or is this hate a picture of the african american narrative.- I have tried to reach out but it has been a horrible experience - it seems that I cannot even communicate with them as if we do not speak the same language - well of course if anybody comes to my house with their pants down to their knees and I can see half of their genitals then I do not allow them in my property but I also do not allow anybody if they are wearing a T-shirt with confederate flag. But what worries me is the anger that African american kids have towards this society.


    If blacks have to write their own narrative then they have to educate themselves and work hard - it is not easy but blaming others for their misery may not be the solution.


    There are many social injustices which does not allow african americans to get certain level of education or money to start a business and we are all aware of that but please do not think we Asians have it easy - as a matter of fact 99% of the white middleclass also do not have it easy.


    Finally, it seems to me that African Americans have suffered a loss of intellectual ability in the last 2 generations (because we must not forget ability is improved by practice and patience) and they have to get that back - it is a hard road.

    We also have to ask the question if Michael Brown was such a gentle creature then why did he assault a shop owner and that will be part of the narrative even though many would not like that. This does not justify his killing in any form or fashion but many white get killed too by police for that matter of fact - this police killing needs to change. The question will be did Michael Brown have this profound hate in his system too.

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