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  • Posted August 23, 2014 by
    ferguson, Missouri
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    Black Lives Matter protests (2014)

    Pant's Up Dont Loot.


    A maybe diff side of the story... Ok so all i hear is i dont understand, because of white privlage and white flight. alright i will admit to i can see what you mean with the privlage there is some truth to that. as to the white flight, I left there and alot of blacks did to because of the iggnorance going on around there ant the fact that property has become worthless. I have 3 houses there that would sell for around .5 million in the area im in now and cant manage to get 100 k for all 3 there, What do you expect people to do in that situation? Now on the other side can black people admit there is a culture of iggnorace and backwards thinking on their side ? I know it isnt a perfect world still but you have a way better chance than you did 100 years ago and there is a big racism on you guys part towards white people of today for something that we had no control over in the past. Alot of us are trying to make this a better world for all of us to share but you guys as a race have overcome alot but have alot to get past still before we can make it better. All that said can we all act like adults in st. louis and let the courts sort this out before we go nuts and ruin alot of good peoples property. alot of these companys were not holding on by much as it is in the bad economy. now what are they going to do? What are you all going to do if they dont want to be there now? Lets clean this up and make some good come out of it for all parties involved. Keep in mind that there is alot of growing to do on both sides but maybe for the white people who dont understand your struggle, this gives them the immpresion of your people that you dont want when this is seen on national media.

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