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    Posted August 24, 2014 by

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    Granted To: Susan Sanford


    I wrote the President a brilliant soliloquy last eve, about his recourse of action with the economy of America.  The email was shipped out and dissolved like vapor in cyber-space.  I have none record of how I had nothing but praises for the persistence of our leader that by tooth and nail conquered the "small republican minority group" to now said to be the greatest economist President since WWII.  When many had given up on him and claimed we should have voted for Mitt Romney (Biff & Buffy) to save America.  Barack Obama created 10 Million Jobs, and that would exclude the Pell Grant Program and perks at Community Colleges, like over-stepping Section 8 housing.  The US Treasury is also in a 71 Billion USD Surplus this month.  I then continued in mine elective of the seed I had planted in my mind of our deficits with Saudi Arabia and Arab Oil... you did not know that the Saudi's took the monies and investing in Banking in America... I mean in credit cards at 20% and took us for a ride in consumer goods and petrol credit cards... I wouldn't mind so much, America is a free-capital country, but I understand the hierarchies of the likes of Arabia and Jordan, keep their plebiscites dumbed-downed for menial labor and control the masses by limiting computer access, leaving them in cave-like conditions verse the "techno-brats" of social integration.  Back to the seed I planted in mine mind... it was always there, but I got busy in the diversion process of creating not three as I suspected, but four forms of perpetual motion to counter-attack Arab Oil.  One was the Magnetic Circulator, Two was the Isotope Unison Blast, Three was the Electro-Magnetic Car, and Four was the Water Expansion Process.  That said and done, the best way to stave off the $28 Trillion USD Debt per year ($14 Trillion in Oil, $14 Trillion in Credit) with Saudi Arabia is to share our perpetual motion inventions with the Oil Rich Mid-East... with only one Peace Accord demanded... they don't leave their children in the cave with scholarship and technology, then we all can get onto saving the Continent of Africa and the Continent of South America in thee evolving eco-sphere of mastering our minds in Linguistic Codes, like English = which is 26 alphabetical letters and 0-9 Arabic numerals.  I had other thoughts as to where to come up with the $28 Trillion Dollars and that was a smarter use for oil in inks... as found in the newly discovered Hi-Def Prints that cost $2,000.00 USD to create "one" poster-size and the famous of America, that Barack had chip into the tax reserves... well here is their reward!  As found with Picasso that signature on a piece of 6 X 9 Math Paper is said valued at $100,000.00 for his autograph.  I'm sure Sharon Stone could garner at 56 (same age as me) a sweet lip-smacking auto on a Def print and earn with her fame (like others, even myself with artworks) a cache' of $100,000.00 dollars per master photo image X millions of graphs and be a Billionaire within a year, just by Hi-Def prints. Thee added attractions to Elitist savior-faire boutiques is Bild Lily dolls, Hummel Figurines and Ballerina Music Boxes, just to name a few... signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours.  (I would enjoy helping to finish raising your three boys.  I have helped raise four nieces and I miss them.  I also raised myself and three brothers and one sister.)   Another issue in pioneering is "Straight Street" and tarred roads verse emissions.  Oil is a rarity with many conduits besides petrol and benzenes and exhaust.  Plastics in computers, just to name one!

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