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    Posted August 24, 2014 by
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    Racism...Poor or homeless...Or living with a disability.

    Please folks...don't go there.
    So aggravating to hear many say they can relate to something they've never felt or experienced. Sorry..You can't.
    A person living life with no legs......Not only can I not imagine I can not relate...And don't try to.
    If you've never been homeless..(Like I have) don't try and pretend you get it...Sorry you don't.
    If you've never been judged by the color of your skin don't pretend you get it...You don't...Really....You can't...Don't even try.
    If you've never had a life-long spouse and partner die...Just don't say "I understand"....Wrong words...This I havent' experienced but have a friend who has and he can hardly speak without breaking down.
    Point is we are all a product of our own life...So many things we can understand and relate to and many others we can not.
    I'll go first;
    1.) I was homeless for 2 years and can totally relate. I lived in abandoned houses and did whatever it took to obtain enough to eat.
    2.) Drunks...My Step-Father was one. I know was a total drunk looks and acts like...Been there...Done that...
    3.) Theft...I remember so cleary......I felt an obligation to my sisters...Our electric had been turned off....digging a hole in our backyard...Trying to make a fire...We needed food...And I took everything I could from Kroger.....My sisters were fed and I became the man of the house as my step-father was absent do to my mother's death.
    4.) The ultimate point is that everyday is a day in paradise for all of us....Enjoy every last one but the point of this post is DON"T JUDGE OTHERS...who may just have a different life experience than your own.

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