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    Be the Boss at Home with Your Smartphone

    By Paul Fitzgerald

    Yes, that small portable device you carry around with you everywhere you go is now taking on an even more important role in our lives these days, according to Clinton Howell, a popular home theatre expert in Burlington, ON.

    That’s right your smartphone, through global connectivity supporting Wi-Fi and mobile broadband networks, allows you to control your home in so many ways.

    In fact, the new technology that is now available with the quick download of an app is simply mind blowing.

    Through cutting-edge technology by Creston’s home automation features you get to be the boss at home with your smartphone, as well as your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or an Android tablet.

    “With the touch of the ‘Scene’ button you can set everything that you want in every room for any activity, from ‘Wake’ to ‘Goodnight’ and anything in between, like ‘Watch,’ ‘Listen’ or ‘Away,’” says Clinton Howell, founder and owner of H2 Systems Inc. “It is just unreal how new technology can be created and customized to your personal lifestyle preferences.”

    Good Morning

    The new home automation technology can be used as early as the workday begins. The ‘Wake’ feature allows for the bedroom lights to slowly ramp up to the perfect levels so you can move around the room without blinding light or disturbing your partner.

    The lights in your side closet and the bathroom slowly ramp up, too. The discreet mirror TV in the bathroom powers on and is set to your favorite news channel and the audio plays softly. Stock prices are streaming across an elegant in-wall touch screen, and the heated bathroom floor warms up.

    “Even before you start your day, all your needs and wants are looked after – now this is convenience,” says Howell, founder and owner of H2 Systems Inc.

    Off to Work

    So, it’s the weekday morning and you are the last one out of the house. On your way out you press the “Away” button on the in-wall touch screen by the front door.

    “Lights throughout the house turn off; the thermostat lowers to 64 degrees; the security system alarms; all doors lock; music and the TVs are turned off; and shades open in different rooms at different times, depending on the position of the sun which maximizes solar heating and reduces energy consumption,” says Howell.
    He adds, “What’s even more impressive is that your smartphone will alert you when someone enters the house and you can view everything live via the camera system… This is security at its best.”

    Heading Home

    When you are on route back home after a long workday, you can simply press the “Home” button on your screen, and upon arriving the house lights are on and set to the perfect levels you want for each room.

    Howell states, “The security system will also be disarmed and the temperature will be a comfortable 70 degrees. And if you want your favorite music will be playing softly in the kitchen and the living area.”

    You’re in Control

    The weekend is a perfect time to watch a movie with the family. Press the “Watch” button and the den is transformed into your own home theatre. The lights dim to 30%, the shades lower 80% to prevent a glare on the TV screen, a movie automatically starts playing with the volume on the right levels, and the room temperature is maintained at a cozy 70 degrees.

    “Now anyone can control their home with the few simple clicks of a button,” says Howell. “You can have what you want when you want it – it’s that simple.”

    Listen to the Music

    The “Listen” button is a superb feature for those hosting a dinner party.

    “Your guests are about to arrive and all you have to do is press ‘Listen’ on the table top touch screen on the kitchen counter and your jazz music plays lightly in the living room, dining room and foyer, setting a relaxed mode,” says Howell. “In the basement the kids can also entertain themselves listing to Top 40 hits and playing video games. And if during dinner they are getting a little noisy, you can lower the volume from your smartphone.”

    Night, Night

    When you are watching TV in bed and you are just about ready to fall asleep, the last thing you want to do is get up and turn out all the lights in the house, close the shades, alarm the security system, lower the temperature on the thermostat, and turn off TVs, music and video games.

    “All you need to do now before bedtime is just hit the ‘Goodnight’ button on your iPad and everything will be set just the way you want,” says Howell. “The press of one button does all the work and you can sleep easy.”

    Home Automation is Cool and Convenient

    “The new technology we are offering through Creston makes homeowners lives better and much simpler,” says Howell. “The technology is reliable, easy to use and you can personalize your life and your family life. Our home automation system is also infinitely flexible, which means you can grow right along with those changing needs.”

    These days technology is providing convenience on every level. Now you can control everything in your home, room-by-room, using ultra-cool touch screens and remotes – anywhere from your smartphone.

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