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    Posted August 25, 2014 by

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    Ring of Lights? Just the usual jargon of vice (interstellar)


    Re; Light ring over Houston. They're not curious. They come from normal civil societies just like ours. They're having us to stay out of interstellar travel, travel all done over the higher dimension. They are all criminals and this planet is the venue for the 'black internet' sleazes of the inhabited and faster than light, high dimension travelling worlds of a goodly bunch of stars around is. This ring of lights from their ships around Houston is a camouflage signal and recording manoeuvre they used with the storm to further confuse the readings of onboard computers so their own -illegal -ships can be recorded in that area, by their own default computer positions, and obliterate any like activity from us, while they continue to push our higher dimension doors shut and keep us blindly believing in the religious explanations of this 'supernatural' faster than light speed upper world of 2,000 years ago. For more in depth explanations go to Steve Jobs and Garlanda Facebook page and see the most advanced reading of this situation on the net. It's these signalling recording systems all busily faking it that we need to overcome. A large trained group of psychics is how it's done and other worlds are ready to help us perform, outperform the usual organised criminal heavies who trick a world down into the dirt of internecine religious disputes - to put off the full uplift into interstellar society these present spaceship put off. I know how to do it. Aren't you interested CNN?

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