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    Posted August 24, 2014 by
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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    Are There Some Police Officers who do not Respect Black Life

    Do you believe BLACK LIFE is respected and VALUED by law enforcement, or are we pre-judged? As I stated in a previous segment, it does not matter whether you’re a black CEO, or Custodian, both you and your children are at risk in this American Police State, where Black Life apparently is often disregarded, especially in the case of Mike Brown, in Ferguson MO. He was shot dead, and left to lay in the hot street of Ferguson, without any covering of his body, for 4 hours, like he was an animal.

    Have you ever been stopped by the police just because you were an African American male or Female driving a luxury or sports car? Do you know of any Black Men OR Women who have, just as Attorney General Eric Holder discussed recently? Well, I have, on that same New Jersey Turnpike, on I-95 in Philadelphia, Delaware, Georgia, and countless other locations, just because I happened to be driving a drop-top Mercedes Benz or BMW, oh, and that’s right, I was also a Black Man.

    THIS TREATMENT OF OUR AFRICAN AMERICAN CITIZENS MUST STOP, and we want to get your perspectives on how we can all manage to STAY RESILIENT in the face of the unnecessary police aggression that is being perpetrated within African American communities.

    So please, join the show tonight. I want you to call Dr. Robin and I here in the WURD Studio by dialing: Studio Line: 215-634-8065 / Toll Free: 1-866-361-0900

    You can access the "Staying Resilient" Talk Radio program on your computer or SmartPhone at: http://900amwurd.com/

    Why did the Texas Officer LIE, stating her car and license plate fit the description, however you can clearly hear the police dispatch stating they were looking for a TAN or BEIGE vehicle, OCCUPIED by four BLACK MAN, NOT a BLACK WOMAN!! Why is it that we NEVER hear of white people who have these horrendous experiences with the police? Why is it that we NEVER see images of WHITE women being TERRORIZED by the police, in front of their children, or white men gunned down in the street, being left to lye dead in the street for 4 Hours.

    Let's Talk About It!!


    Kametra Barbour says she was driving four children under the age of 10 home when she was suddenly stopped and surrounded by police.

    Officer: "Driver let me see your hands everybody stick their hands out the window."
    Barbour: "What is wrong?"
    Officer: "I'll tell you in a minute."
    Barbour was told to exit the vehicle with her hands above her head. Police then shackled them in cuffs right in front of her children.

    Barbour: "What is wrong? My kids!"
    Officer: "How old are they?"
    Barbour: "They're six and eight and ten, nine. What are we doing?"
    Officer: "Hold on a second, okay?"
    Barbour: "What is going on? Oh my God, you will terrify my children."
    Officer: "We got a complaint of a vehicle matching your description and your license plate, waving a gun out the window."
    The traffic stop was in response to a 911 caller who had told dispatch four black men were waiving a gun out the window of a beige- or tan-colored Toyota.

    The problem: Barbour's car is a burgundy red Nissan Maxima.

    It wasn't until Barbour's 6-year-old son, Ryan, came out of the car with his hands up too that police realized they had made a mistake.

    Officer 1: "Do they look young to you?"
    Officer 2: "They do to me."
    Officer 1: "Huh?"
    Officer 2: "They do to me."
    Officer 1: "Yep, they're young."
    Officer 1: "Gun down, gun down, gun down!"
    The officers then quickly went to work trying to calm down the now terrified children.

    Officer: "Ya'll okay? Just ya'll in the car?"
    Child: "No im scared."
    Officer: "It's okay."
    Child: "No, are we going to jail?"
    Officer: "No. No one is going to jail."
    Child: (Scream, crying)
    Officer: "Hey, stop crying. It's okay. It's okay. Everything's fine now."
    The police department defends the traffic stop saying the officers responded appropriately to what they believed was a dangerous situation.

    "For the nature of the call - that a weapon was involved - yes," said Detective Clay with the Forney Police Department told ABC affiliate WFAA.

    People, THIS HAS GOT TO END!!

    Join me tonight on WURD Radio at 8:00 PM EST, along with Dr. Robin, and let's talk about it!! Again, you can access the "Staying Resilient" Talk Radio program on your computer or SmartPhone at:


    To call I Dr. Robin and I at the WURD Studio, dial: Studio Line: 215-634-8065 / Toll Free: 1-866-361-0900

    Thanks Everyone,

    One Love!!

    R. Paige, A.K.A. "True Stories" is a Philadelphia, PA based Talk Radio Host, on WURD 900 AM, (Sunday Night - 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM - "Staying Resilient Talk Radio), as well as an Author and freelance writer. R Paige primarily focuses on Political, African American Culture, Entertainment, Music, and Sports interest stories.

    In August, 2013, R. Paige published his BLOCKBUSTER relationship advice book; "Think Like A Woman, Act Like A Man", now available on iBooks, BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com, and wherever eBooks are sold!!

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