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    Posted August 25, 2014 by
    Shelton, Connecticut
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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

    I was 324 pounds. I l lost 100 in a year.


    Hi, my name is Stefano. I was obese my whole life. In April of 2013, I decided to do something about it.
    I was a heavy child, and continued to be heavy into my late teens. All my life I had tried things that made me lose weight, but I'd shortly gain it back. I couldn't stay committed, and through the years, the weight kept adding on. In middle school I was already over 280 pounds. By my senior year of high school, I was over 300.
    I even played football for 4 years, however that alone did little to make me get healthy, because it,s not just about being physically active.
    After I graduated high school I put on even more weight, until finally I was at my all time high (weight) but all time low (self esteem. 324 pounds.
    At my height, I was considered morbidly obese, and pre diabetic.
    Many times throughout my life, my loving family spoke to me with concern about my health, though it didn't go ignored, I just wasn't motivated to do what needed to be done. That is, until April of 2013.
    You can say the stars aligned, so to speak. I was on another one of my soon-to-fail health kicks, where I would have gained back any weight I lost shortly after I got bored with running once a week. However a few things happened around this time that had ignited a new mindset.
    First off, from February to April, I meditated just about every day. My head was in a place it had never been before.

    I was aware.
    I was working with my good friend, Rob, when the gears went into motion. The night prior, my brother and mom had a very long, concerned talk about my health. This time I really took it to heart and began thinking about my health. The next day, my friend Rob tells me he wants to get in shape for a cruise he will be attending 3 months after may first, so he will be "cutting" (dropping weight rapidly) until then.

    It was then, that everything clicked, that a spark ignited, deep within my being. Something had changed. I told him I would be joining him as well. Starting May 1st, 20313,I began what I referred to as a "health binge". For 90 days, I would, with ever bit of my power, commit my self to just 90 days of being healthy. Which included counting my calories, severely limiting my carbs and sweets, increasing my veggie intake and working out at MINIMUM twice a day, and no eating after 8 pm. I had my "last supper" the night before. Two slices of pizza. May 1st, 2013, was the first day of the rest of my life. I was a different person than I'd ever been those three months. Every morning I woke up early and made myself eggs and veggies, then got to the gym. I would burn a minimum of 1000 calories there, than get back home to eat a light lunch, and work out again, a bike ride or hike, anything that kept me moving. In the first 2 weeks (I only weighed myself by-weekly) I lost 18 pounds. By may 28th, that's 28 days, I had lost 32 pounds. It was already starting to show by now, and peoples telling me I looked good was adding fuel to the the fire that had grown from that spark in April.
    I worked harder than ever that Summer. By the end of the 90 day binge, i had lost 64 pounds. My live changed in 3 months. But i wasn't done. 260 was still heavy. So I kept at it. I ended up falling off my longboard at the end of the Summer, that put me in a wrist cast for 6 weeks.
    Didn't stop me. I kept on training through out the year, and it had come to the final stretch, by March, I had made it a goal to lose 100 pounds in 1 year, I worked and worked until THE DAY of May first, I made it on the dot. 224 pounds exactly.

    I was beyond proud of myself. I couldn't wait to share the wonderful news with my loved ones, so I went to Facebook to make the big announcement. I posted the before and after picture you see here, with these words:
    " Not that I've kept it a secret, but I've been pretty hard at work this past year. May 1st 2013, I tipped the scale at 324. I'm proud to say 1 year later, I'm down a whopping 100 pounds, weighing 224. I could ramble on and on about this accomplishment, but truth is, it's just another goal, and have WAY more I want to accomplish. I thank everyone who's kept me motivated with compliments through out this past year. If you have any friends that need the motivation I did, I'd be honored if you showed them this post. Anyone looking to begin a healthier lifestyle: I welcome you to ask me anything at all, I promise I love helping, and any bit you may need from me, I'm completely happy to oblige. Just send me a message!

    Eat clean, and stay healthy everyone!"

    I remain healthy to this day, more focused on lifting weight, but keeping my weight down as well. I'm a new man, with a new found appreciation for life. This journey has made me want to get into personally training once I'm certified, because I want to help find others the joy of given myself. Wether this makes it on CNN, my favorite source for news around the world, or if it's just the person proof reading this, thanking for reading my story. It is the most important thing that I ever did with my life and the fact that I could share it is a blessing.

    There is so much life to be lived in this world. The healthier you can be while living it, the better. I understand this now, and it is my most cherished hope that others, whatever their battles may be, come to this understanding as well.

    Thank you.

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